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New Paltz Central School District Reviews

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The school district is wonderfully supportive of the arts, as well as other academic areas. They strive to help create cultured individuals, by making many unique opportunities and classes available. The teachers are amazing and show that they are truly invested in their students!
My experience at New Paltz High School was overall a good one. My teachers were kind and caring, the clubs and sports kept me busy, and I enjoyed the overall environment. But, there are a few things that need to change. The main being that the school doesn't prepare you at all for college. Like at all.
I've lived in New Paltz since first grade, and my experience here has been overall wonderful. Although the demographic ratio in the school district is highly skewed and is dominated by the white American population, being a minority has so far not been an issue when attending school at New Paltz. The faculty here are very wonderful people and I've enjoyed interacting with them both inside and outside of a classroom setting, mostly through after school clubs.
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Great Education when considered against other schools in the area, continually outperforms in every area especially for small size
Amazing selection of classes to choose from including highlights such as Voice, Black History, and Latino Studies. The staff is very friendly and truly enjoy their jobs.
The school, I feel, is better than others in the area. However, due to a lack of funding and administration, some facilities are poor and not well kept.
There are very good teachers who care about the students' well-being and academic success. However, like all schools, there are a few teachers that could care less about their students and dislike their job. The school has a friendly atmosphere.
The professors are incredibly dedicated to their work and what it takes to make a well rounded student. They not only focus on academics but on the welfare of the child and what they can do to create a better environment for them.
New Paltz High School has a wonderful group of teachers who are dedicated to ensuring their students will succeed.
Many former New York City as well as Long Islanders make the migration to New Paltz for many reasons; The top reason is the district's uncanny academic reputation. The reason people do this is because the New Paltz Central School District boasts about their school ranking in an academic scale. The rank does not necessarily reflect the student GPAs, it reflects the extent to which the district pushes students to load their schedules with Advanced Placement courses. Subsequently, many students feel an unhealthy pressure from the school guidance to go overboard with the hard classes. For some people, this however helps some people to succeed.,
New Paltz Central School District is a wonderful institution that has a very welcoming and accepting environment. The teachers are very supportive and engage students in interesting and unique ways. Students' health, safety, and academics are prioritized.
teachers are all incredible people and educators, administration and distribution of funds need lots of work.
Very good in all aspects of the district. The teachers are very helpful and care about each and every student. They try their best to make each student have the ability and resources to be as successful as they possibly can be. The sports programs are also good, and the coaches really take time as well to care for their players. The AP courses are plentiful and there are so many to choose from . They help students for their college readiness and prepare them very well for what is to come in the college life. The school is diverse and the academics are rigorous. The clubs and activities are enough for each type of student and there is literally something for everyone. They love them and want to be a part of everything!
My experience in high school has been a very positive one. The staff is very supportive everyone is kind helpful in the building is kept clean. I feel I am ready for college and I'm very excited about my new adventures. There's tons of parent involvement in the district most of the things that we do our parent lead compare involved and paren funded.
I loved the teachers and how they wanted you to succeed. They believe in you and want you to go far. The kids can be mean if you are different. Teachers are great, staff is great.
It was a great experience. I got a good education that was superior to those in the surrounding area.
Teachers are best part of this school some really great ones here in a bunch of subjects. The school also offers a lot of subjects and college courses and is one of the best in the area. However the administration can be annoying sometimes.
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For the most part, the New Paltz town is very friendly and open-minded. Its reputation for being liberal remains true, and I appreciate it's uniqueness. I have encountered some judgemental professors, but other than that, my experience has been great!
The teachers really care about their students and the academics are great. Our sports are okay and there are a lot of different clubs to join. The food is awful and overpriced. The majority of the school is liberal so if your opinion is different than theirs the whole class jumps down your throat. Overall the school is okay for getting ready for college but its not a place that I'm happy at.
The environment of the school is amazing. Everyone is so caring and loving. There is a friend for everyone. Yet, some of the teachers are not the best. I had a few teachers whom I truly disliked and the guidance department was not much help with that. Yet, I love the school, the environment, and how there is something for everyone to be included in the community. I would not choose another school to attend.
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