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These schools gives a fantastic education, however, the freedom at them are limited unlike most other schools.
I got sick one year, the school made accommodations for me to not lose the school year. The overall school feeling is not that close, there is unity and many club activities to join, however, there is a spontaneous fights. But, in a normal setting, sometimes things won't be solved by words.
My experience was good i made long connections with teachers that i still have now that i am away from college that i can go and get help from. The environment of the schools are nice and make you feel comfortable.
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The female teachers are all very nice and helpful! Male teachers leave something to be desired in terms of teaching style and helpfulness. Administration needs to get better at their job; they don't intervene in any problems students bring up.
I grew up through the NM district and have always found it to be enjoyable. There is a great staff at every school that never fails to create a positive and accepting environment for every student. There isn't much that I'd like to see change except for additional after school activities for younger students in the other schools.
New Milford High School has some great teachers, especially AP and Honors teachers. There are lots of AP classes to choose from. The food is OK, lots of choices but typical cafeteria food. Project Lead the Way classes are great, give kids a chance to try out engineering coursework. Fields are new and turf. Band and theater are very well respected, and lots of students participate in the arts. There are lots of clubs and activities available.
The faculty of New Milford is beyond kind and always looking out for the students. For example, in the treacherous winters of Connecticut, the superintendent calls a few amount of snow days, but he calls them when it is most absolutely not safe for inexperienced drivers, the students, to be driving.
New Milford provides a rigorous academic environment for students of every ability group. More advanced students are able to take a variety of Honors and Advanced Placement courses, and students who struggle are able to take College Prep or remedial courses. The school offers a SAT preparation course, and a free SAT and PSAT is offered during a specified school day. Most teachers are willing to help you learn, however the science department teachers were less good at helping students succeed.
Academics are ok, depends on if you are in honors and if the teacher actually cares. Very little diversity except by class, many rich kids and many low income kids together. Love some of the teachers who care and aren't rude in general. Safety is ok too, a couple fights every year, maybe a bomb threat or two, but other than that its fine. Administration sucks, really just out to get you on anything. People kind of have pride in being in the school, but all of our athletics are going downhill, so it's a bit less. Clubs are either all afterschool or all in school, few worthy out of school clubs. Overall its ok. Fix the sinks and bathrooms for the student's sakes though.
The New Milford School District overall is a good district. Have some of the best teachers, best administrators, and the guidance counselors are very helpful.
I like how much of a community New Milford Public Schools has become, and I love how a lot of the educators really care about their students. I have had a great education here and I'm happy to be apart of this school district.
Overall, New Milford has very good teachers, but there is always one that can ruin your entire high school career. The administration will talk about issuses but won’t do anything to stop them. I feel relatively safe here but there have been incidents, but I’ve never felt it unsafe enough to go to school. The sports here are very good. Although is some favoritism amongst certain sports, every sports team is very good.
No changes New Milford has very good schools, and teachers that really care.
The teachers will stay after school and help you with any problems in studies
and problems outside the class room. I am a junior now and I will miss New Milford High School when I leave in 2019.
My school district has taken measures to improve every aspect of their climate. They have taken security measures, as well as improving our food and facilities, and lastly become more strict with violating students.
Over the past week I have had a lot of new experiences in high school. On Monday 2/26 a student lit one of the bathrooms on fire as a prank. Since then there have been a bomb threat, a shooting threat, and a student tell a resource officer that they had a gun. As bad as I make the school sound the faculty and administration has upped security and done a very good job of communicating with students and parents to make us feel safe in the school environment. Our school doesn't have a good sports team, we always lose our football games, but as a high school community students and faculty are very active and want to make school a safe and fun place to learn.
The New Milford School District does not provide resources to help with college readiness. It does not provide students with enrichment programs as other high schools do. Also, it does not provide students with able resources for the college application process.
In my senior year at New Milford High School there were a lot of things that changed. Before this year my experience was very good but in my last year we had a paper deficit. The teachers weren’t allowed to give us any materials to save paper. The school is very safe and the teachers are nice but the resources that we have are next to none.
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There is a click. Especially with the union and administration. The administrators listen to rumors and act on them with impunity using intimidation. I can't wait to get out of this district.
Overall, the kids are good. However, there is an atmosphere of nothing is ever the kids fault. The teacher is responsible for their behavior.
My experience with New Milford High School honestly has been amazing. My freshman year I felt accepted and not the odd duckling at all. I’ve never had problems that have never been fixed and the teachers are honestly rockstars. They are always going out of the way to help you and get the job done. One of my favorite experiences was meeting great longtime friends each year no matter what grade they are in it all feels like family. I will miss New Milford Highschools staff, friends and the environment very much next year going to college. New Milford High School has changed my life by making amazing memories on the cross country team for 4 years and have a close bond with people throughout the years.
I like the school spirit during spirit week and I think there are a lot of opportunities to take whatever level of classes that you’d like. For example, anyone can take an AP if they would like to. But, the fact that there are so many assistant principals combined with the fact that most of the well-loved teachers of the school had to leave in the past two years due to salaries that were too low, I don’t think it’s the best school system in Connecticut. Also, Schaghitoke Middle School is the worst middle school in Connecticut.
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