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New Milford Public School District Reviews

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New Milford Public School District is a safe and enjoyable environment for students to learn and get an education. A decent amount of clubs and sports are offered in order to enhance the students' experience. I feel that the facilities at the schools in the district are safe, but are not the best and could be better.
Most of the teachers are extremely friendly and dedicated! The community is very accepting and there are many resources available.
New Milford is an average school. It could use better programs in music, sports, and more AP class options. It's a small district so not a lot of funding. Classes are too easy because there are no finals. Teachers are usually decent.
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I enjoyed my years at new milford high school. I definitely made friends that I will have for life. I was on the soccer team, and still am part of the group chat. I feel like new milford high school prepared me for college.
It served its educational purpose and provided a proper environment to learn and take classes. The teachers are well versed in their subjects and respect their students for the most part. While nothing in particular is exceptionally horrible or great about my school, it is a good place to be in.
New Milford High School provided me with a great high school experience. Taking honors and AP courses really helped me in college. The teachers of those classes encouraged me to think critically and to work hard, which are still lessons I use to this day. I enjoyed being part of the S.T.E.M academy at New Milford, but I believe that having more opportunities for the students to learn and apply their learning from the classrooms would be very beneficial for the students. Overall, my experience went well since the environment of the school was friendly and safe.
New Milford has provided me with a great educational foundation! Many of my teachers have motivated me and inspired me to want to know more. I just wish that the athletic department was a bit more fair in the disbursement of funds across the sports and not just football.
Over the course of my 4 years at New Milford High School I have been able to experience having various educators, be apart of different teams and clubs, and overall gain experiences of a lifetime. One of the best aspects of attending here was the Academies program. The Academies offers concentrated studies in well defined,career-focused areas directly connected to university majors and workforce need. The program allowed me to gain the knowledge, skill, character and work ethic necessary for
success in the global marketplace.
New Milford is a pretty average school. It's starting to become a little dated but it's going well. I like the English department a lot along with the art classes. Most teachers are nice and responsible but not all. My peers are all really nice and we don't have a huge bulling problem like other schools. It can work on how they budget. We don't need a brand new librarys that we're barely allowed to use or has anything that I actually need to learn. The new schedule as well is throwing things off no one really knows what's going or how the first day is supposed to work out. They need to communicate a lot more with the students
New Milford has a wonderful school district, one of the best around! The high school has many clubs and programs and one of the best theatre department.
New Milford High School has its highs and lows. Most of the teachers are incredible and are very helpful and understanding .
New Milford is a great small town school. The people are nice and friendly, the teachers do a fairly good job at teaching their students as well as offering help outside of the classroom, however; the administration could be more involved in student life and finding out what the students want from their school rather than making that decision on their own.
NMHS has prepared me for my experiences in the real world and the careers that I am looking into. Although imperfect, it has given me the opportunity to discover myself, cultivate my skills, and connect my passions to purpose.
High school overall is apart of where you come from and a big portion of anyone's logical and social thinking. New Milford taught me ways to learn about myself as well as to learn from and about other people. Although I transferred there my sophomore year, New Milford made me feel like I went through all my years with them. They taught me you can't change everyone or everything but you can try to make them better. Work with what you have and what you come from to lead to what you can get.
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