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New Lothrop Area Public Schools Reviews

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I think that New Lothrop Area Public Schools is a great place for my children to earn an education. The teachers care about the students, the curriculum is rigorous, and there is a lot of parent and community involvement. My daughter has the opportunity to be involved in many excellent sports and extra curricular activities as well. Overall, I think that she is going to be given an excellent high school education and experience, and she will be prepared for college.
The teachers actually cared about the students, we weren't just some children for them to babysit for an hour then have us leave they wanted us to learn all we could in the short hours they had us. They challenged us academically as well as athletically. After we were in a division for so long many of the other schools didn't want to go up against us, so through the hard work of our sports teams and our athletic director, we got bumped up to the next division which gave us some much-needed challenge. I loved every moment in that school even the not so great moments but through the help of the parents and teachers that work there, they became something like a second family for me. i know that If I ever need anything I have hundreds of people ready to help in any way they can.
Fantastic school that is on its way up. The new administration is making great changes. Where it lacks in AP classes, it makes up in dual-enrollment opportunities that I took huge advantage of. The sports are what we are commonly known for and for good reason. I expect good things to come from this school in the future.
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I really loved all of my teachers. They were great. They knew what they were doing, and they made great connections with the students. As with any other school, cheating was a large problem. I would really like to see cheating be put to an end. I worked hard for my grades while many others cheated their way to the top.
After going to school in New Lothrop my entire life I can honestly say that for lack of a better term that NL is amazing. New Lothrop is located in a very rural area and has a lot of community involvement and unity. Being a small school the staff and administration works very close with students so that they can learn and understand material more effectively. The school also has the highest test scores in the county and has a top ranked sports program.
The atmosphere around the school is unbelievable. The family mentatlity runs deep, and everyone has each others' backs. The teachers in the school do a great job at teach the kids in an understandable and advanced manner.
Great teachers. Administration is ok - very sports orientated. Not much to offer in the way of electives. Most of the teachers have been with the district a long time so there is lots of history. Small district so you get to know the staff and the other students.
The school district is amazing! They have done so much to take care of me and every other student, because of the smaller class sizes the school is far more capable of caring for its student body. I have gone to five other schools and that no other school did I receive any were near as much attention and help from staff and other students then I have a New Lothrop High School.
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