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New London-Spicer School District Reviews

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Top notch small school where students know everybody. Now at 125ish students per grade. Very friendly, helpful staff and teachers that obviously love their jobs. HS teachers bring real world experiences into the classroom from previous careers. High school offers numerous college credit and AP courses, and has an ever-expanding selection of career and technical offerings. Top athletic and arts facilities, with new turf football field and gymnastics facility, and one of the nicest performing arts centers in outstate MN. Well-renowned athletic programs provide great experiences for student-athletes. Isn’t much negative I can say about NL-S other than it does lack in diversity, but the district itself can’t be blamed for the make up of its population. Glad we got “stuck” in New London years ago and decided to stay and raise our children here!
NLS is a great school to make freinds. The district is smaller than most schools in the area but our goals are huge! We take great pride in our athletics and strive to succeed in them each season. And we are growing in arts and music! NL-S has just recently added an auditorium/performing arts center attached to the high school building. We have many programs that help u meet whatever goal u want to meet. We have college courses and pseo and support the use of those. The only problem with NL-S is, the cliques and separation of people. It’s becea we take pride in althetics. For example, the football player are all groups of friends while the hockey players are a depress group and the people that succeed more in academics are in there separate groups. Personally I didn’t have this issue because I fit in with all people and love to be apart of each side of my life (academic, sports, and computers).
I think New London Spicer schools offer a variety of programs and high quality education. I liked being able to involved in a wide variety of activities including sports, music, speech, math club, and robotics. The administration is open to letting students explore new clus and activities. There is not a lot of cultural diversity in the school however the school is open to all students and has taken a strong open stance on antibullying and inclusion of all students.
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This school allows bullying and sexual harassment to happen right under their noses. It is more important for this school to keep up it's social image rather than caring for their students.
For some odd reason, my peers and I get along. In middle school, there was a good amount of drama and dislike towards others. Now being in high school, everyone has their own path. Everyone goes on their path and doesn't try to cross others. There is almost no drama in our school and everyone just gets along even if they may not necessarily like them. All of us are different and we now understand and appreicate our differences.
The high school teachers are very welcoming and help a lot. The counselors are amazing with helping find the perfect college and major and always have their doors open for anything else!
NL-S High School is set in small town, MN. It is well known for it's sports teams. Many professional people reside in this lake area. College courses are offered for those who excel in academics and most of the instructors do a good job. There are plenty of extra-curricular activities such as band and theater. There are NO safety issues but as with any teen population, you will find some teens indulging in illicit activities. Parent involvement is notable. Class sizes are small and help is readily available. Although there are plenty of clubs, activities do not abound. There are several employment opportunities for teens in the area which is a plus. Diversity is the biggest issue in the area. Nearly all students are Caucasian with only a handful of Hispanic or Black students to be found throughout the system. Overall, NL-S is a desirable place to attend school and it's size does not hamper it's academic stature.
New London- Spicer is filled with some amazing students and teachers. It's new addition is going to look amazing. The only thing I would change is having the staff more available to talk to and ask questions.
I loved all my classes especially art. You can express yourself through anything without being judged.
Good school with competitive sports, good academics, great teachers. Nice place to grow up, learn, and live in general. Politics at this school are very big and are annoying but you get over it. Overall a good school.
It's very easy to use and I really love the fact that it is very mobile friendly. It makes it very convenient to complete an application on the road
New London-Spicer was a good school. It was a good size, it wasn't too large that you were able to get to know everyone, but not too small that you were in everyone's business.
It's a great public school that isn't too big. It is around 100 kids or less per grade. I've attended there all my life.
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