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I really enjoy my high school. The environment created by the faculty and staff promotes learning and self growth. I feel prepare for college and beyond, and am ready to further my learning elsewhere.
New London School District has many different courses that fits all of the students needs to learn and experience things for the future. It is a very diverse school, and the academic and athletic portion of school is very respectable and hard working. New London School District try their best to help every student succeed. Something I would like to see changed, though, would be the slight biased that the principal has when it comes to athletics and academics, as he sees athletics as superior and does not give other students the same respect as ones who are in an extracurricular sports activity.
In general I think the New London High School is really great. I've learned a lot while attending school there. The overall environment is really accepting. I would say the majority of the students care about the school and try to make it as welcoming as possible. I haven't seen much problems with bullying or drug related problems. I've had a great education with amazing teachers that actually like to teach and are willing to help. The only thing I would change is having more AP classes offered.
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As I entered the school district in 6th grade, I was welcomed into the district warmly with a positive atmosphere and kind faculty to ensure my success as a student. At the high school, although there is not a very diverse student body, the curriculum teaches individualism and encourages others to tolerate those with different beliefs and ethnicity's. Each student has a chrome book available to them, which really helps with in class learning to expand student's knowledge on technology and to save paper. There is a considerable amount of AP classes available, but it would be nice to add more in areas such as World History, Economics and Language. The wide range of clubs provides all students with somewhere to showcase their talents.
New London School District prepares its students for their future either in the workforce or for college.
New London School District is a very professional district with student/parent and faculty involvement.
The only thing I would like to see change at New London High School, is more teachers. There are a ton of available courses to take but only so many teachers that teach it. The school needs more staff.
I loved my school. A lot of people always say bad things about New London but I wouldn't have wanted to do my schooling anywhere but there. It is a small town and I love that because everyone knows everyone and my parents had the teachers that I have right now so it's neat to have them interact and talk about their past in school and how the teachers acted back then. The teachers and academics were nothing less than great. I honestly can say I love my hometown and my school district.
New London High School is overall a great school if you're willing to make it that. How the experience at this school is determined is by how the students make it. I believe that if you're willing and ready to be a productive member of society you will excel in this school. If you're not willing or ready you will think that the school is catering to your personal needs. There are many alternatives to traditional school here which has opened so many doors for students and I commend the district for this.
The New London High School has wonderful opportunities for any student to learn about what they would like to go into. They have made do with not a lot of money, but are giving a lot of students options of classes they can take to really gear their high school experience to what they would like it to be. They have successfully managed to make it so that each student's success comes from the hard work of that student. You take charge of your grade. But perhaps the most amazing is that all of the teachers really do care about you as people and they want you to be successful.
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