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Being in New London Public Schools I felt like I could relate to my teachers and go to them for assistance on any topic even if it wasn't related to schools. I appreciate the chances they gave me to do my best as a student with many difficulties. Some things the district could do better is hiring better qualified staff and improving the college readiness program.
i loved the classes offered at NLHS because if student is doing work they will learn and benefit from the education and resources
It's is full of diversity and with the staff there, it won't be hard to form that appropriate relationship with your teacher when it comes to any types of issues.
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Add more classes in technology and improve the food offer more ap classes offer more sat study courses. You don’t have real college ready students and have students involved in violent gangs and also disruptive students. The students disrespect the teachers
The community is super diverse which allows students to have different opportunities than other districts in the state.
My time at new london was great the teachers and students was amazing ,there were lots of Diffent things for you too enjoy at new London i make lots if friends and learn difftent things there ways also helpfull both student and teacher
I like the area and the diversity of both parents and students. Many local students end up being accepted to prestigious schools or service academies both in the area and out of state.
New London Public Schools is very diverse and a great community to belong to. Everyone is caring and helpful. My school also has the advantage of offering different pathways like medicine, engineering, and math. The staff is very friendly and will help us with anything. I am proud of the school I go to.
The student body is extremely diverse but school staff, especially teachers are not reflective of the student body. New London Public Schools fail to prepare most students for college.
New London High School is a school with very good potential, but with the lack of long term teachers and the school practically falling apart before our eyes, it's hard for anyone to focus on what's important, education. Walking through the halls one can see the water damage in the ceilings, just waiting to explode on an unlucky student. Just two years ago, the students had to leave school for a couple of days because the gym floor had to be repaired, which contained Asbestos. One can say that this is an unsafe environment but us students have gotten used to the fact that our school isn't as wealthy as those around us. As for the teachers, there are new ones every month and every year. Nobody sticks around for long, except for a select few teachers and administrators. Us students cannot create bonds with any trusted adult in the building. Hopefully in the future, the school district will provide better resources for the students and a safer learning environment.
This school district allows students to pursue a career in the STEAM field starting at a very young age.
I loved how everyone feels like a family and we are such a close community. It was amazing growing up there. Also, the opportunities with the magnet schools made learning for direct and diverse for what you're interested in.
There are definitely many good things about New London School district. One good thing about it is its an all-magnet school district which is good because you can focus on many different fields while going to school. One thing I would change about it is how people are put into school, and that you have to go through a raffle to get into certain schools.
The food has gotten better our sports are okay, clubs and activities are good but resources isn't good it's poor, not enough money so we don't have a lot of books for everyone and don't have computers for everyone also
I attended New London Science & Technology High School. I highly recommend this STEM school. It not only offers engineering & computer science but you can attend classes at local colleges [Connecticut College, Mitchell College, and programs at the Coast Guard]. They also have a robotics program that was a lot of fun while providing great experience and opportunities for learning, resume building, and scholarships. The atmosphere was supportive and rewarding and the teachers were encouraging and enjoyed exploring the latest advancements in technology. The staff is progressive and always looking to develop new programs and find ways to attract the science, college, and business communities into the school. I earned college credits which help me working towards my degree. I advise anyone to find a STEM high school, if you want to be more prepared for college and your future. It is worth it!
I like the connection between the teacher and students. I like how our school community feels like a little family, supporting one another, etc.
New London High School has a lot of potential to be a great school. I do think the focus on students preparation for college is an opportunity for growth. Not enough student supports to adequately prepare students for the next level. Also somehow it has to begin in the Freshman year. Meeting with every student is very important to set a high school goal and goal for life after high school will be beneficial for every student.
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New London is an incredibly unique and amazing school distract. They are constantly striving to improve the education system and culture for students and families. One of the most notable aspects is their commitment to the students and what interests them; something visible in their magnet school mission. Currently, two are available, the arts magnet elementary school and the science, technology, and math high school. These offerings show a dedication to providing students not only with a strong liberal arts core, but an expansion into studies geared towards their career aspirations. In terms of culture, it is undeniably one of the best to be a part of. Whaler, their mascot, culture is phenomenal. All students truly understand diversity and come together in times of need and celebration. This is easily visible in their athletics program, where whaler pride is at its strongest. Overall, New London strives to offer students a rigorous and substantive education.
Up until this year my son went to Mary Morrison Elementary School in Groton. ME and my husband decided to send him to New London Schools , where he attends Harbor School. I am truly appauled by everything at this school from his education to the food he eats or actually doesn't eat for lunch, and also the students are supposed to wear uniforms , well let's just say about 20% of them do. I care deeply about my son's education and he will not be returning to this school next year and will be returning to Groton schools where I am 100% sure he will receive the best education I can offer him. If you have a young child that is either entering school or changing schools , please do not send them to this poor excuse for a school. I have nothing positive to say about Harbor School, I believe it should have remained closed.
I like how the teachers teach to students. Also a lot of people say that the school is bad influence and stuff like that but thats not true.
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