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The teachers are fun and easy to talk to and the entire staff works really hard to help students (especially when they are mentally ill and need extra help with stress and focus) There's a wonderful special ed staff that all of the kids that need some extra help abaolutely adore. There is an hour everyday where students go to the library, the commons area, or a teachers classroom that makes sure kids get their homework done and get the help they needed. The commons area has television and lots of comfortabke seating and the gym is also open during that hour. Since it is such a small town, New London, the school os also very small and the kids form a different bond than in most schools. You know everybodies names and everybody is very good friends (I have never seen new kids or kids that dont tend to fit in get treated better anywhere else) Overall it's a wonderful school and I'm really glad (as one of those odd nerdy kids that usually doesn't fit in) that's the school I went to.
Personally, I think New London schools are great with the learning process. I think they could be stricter when it comes to punishment for behaviors that are completely unexceptable. I was consider homeless and they did beyond what they had to and helped me out a lot.
Okay, for being a small, public high school, needs more emphasis on academics and college readiness.
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What can change is the quality of teaching at the school, they sometimes baby you and not let you think on your own. The School can be bigger with different classes that the students can take, but overall it is a decent school with a loving staff!
New London is a great school with amazing teachers who really care about their students. I would like to see more clubs or activity's where more students can get involved. Sports are a main thing but if we add clubs we could see a better school environment.
I moved to New London my senior year of high school; due to my parents taking new jobs. Upon moving the teachers, counselors, principals, and peers reached out to me which in turn made the move much easier. I felt appreciated and was a member of various sports teams.
I attended New London schools k-12. The small class sizes make learning easy and help accessible. My graduating class was always one of the larger classes, and we had 50 kids, give or take each year. The school has recently received grants to update the sports complex, as well as supply updated technology for the students.
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