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New Lexington City School District Reviews

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New Lexington City School District is a very great district, the teachers are very helpful, they have amazing teaching skills, they are very helpful to the students, and they are also very understanding with students.
I personally enjoyed going to school at New Lexington HS. The academics and sports would be my favorite thing about being there!
I love my small town school. The administrators were always so helpful and involved with the kids. I knew every teacher in the building regardless if i had their class or not. New Lex had such a great support system and really listened to the students.
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The New Lexington School district is very special. The teachers are so caring for their students and they want nothing less than the best for them and their future. However, I would like to see a change in the students. There are so many kids who have so much potential, but they simply do not try or care about school whatsoever. This is a change that needs to happen now, these kids are not only hurting themselves, but they are hurting the school and teachers who worked so hard for them to have the future they deserve.
New Lex was a great school to go to. It was an overall great school because of the small town it is in. The teachers were helpful and always wanted the best for students.
The New Lexington School District focuses more on how much they can show off, instead of actually teaching children how to fulfill their dreams and passions through academics. The administration does not care about students reaching for help with anything, and the teachers are just as miserable in the system as the students. The food smells of vinegar no matter what is prepared, and the principles value discipline over education. No one feels safe or valued, and no one feels heard or excepted. It feels as though we are prepared for prison rather than college/the workforce.
I love getting up every morning and going to school. I love seeing all my friends and talking to all of them but at the same time getting my work done and getting good grades. I know many people with gpa’s higher than 4.0. I love how interactive the teachers are and how we can get our hands and have a good lesson. The athletics and extracurricular activities are outstanding. Not only do we learn about sports but we also learn about life lessons and we have some of the best coaches. I’m summary, New Lexington is a great high school to attend and be proud of it.
New Lexington City Schools allow students to succeed in many aspects of learning. They provide higher level classes that allow students to progress including CCP and AP classes. This allows students to get a head start in their college careers.
The culture at our school is changing. Student supporting each other in sports, anti-bullying, and support. I played volleyball for 6 years - 4 of which were in high school and the support of the "student section" helped us win games. Having the whole school cheer you on, and be supportive has changed the attitude and culture. I am excited I was a part of it, and able to watch it change over. Teachers are amazing - always willing to help, and push us just when we need it. I am lucky to be a part of the new New lexington atmosphere and proud to be a Panther.
Very small school, which was nice. You pretty much knew everyone you would graduate with. The school was very involved in sports not so much the music program though, which is disappointing, but it's still a great school to attend. The teachers are all there because they enjoy their job and they're awesome!
I felt very prepared for college after attending. The teachers were so helpful and created learning plans that were individualized for different learning levels, and were great at keeping students engaged, and there are endless opportunities by attending.
I have went to new lex for all 13 years of my schooling. They have had good education. But their the students don't treat you as good.
Typical high school. The teachers are nice but the students are so separated into different groups and cliques.
I've been going to New Lexington all my life. It's a great school but some things can change like not being so strict and less bullies and people who have attitudes. Yes, I know everywhere you go you have someone or people who have attitudes but sometimes there is no need for attitude.
I liked how small the schools were. I knew everyone in my classes. I did not like how unprofessional some of the teachers were. On the contrary, some of the teachers I had there had an amazing impact on me and changed my life.
Current Senior at New Lexington High School
Low focus on future school opportunities
Unorganized Classroom Environments
Teachers are not involved with students
Lecture heavy classes
I would like to see more involvement with students with clubs and activities. I liked how many different sports and clubs I can choose from. Almost all the students are really nice and you can make friends pretty easily.
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