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New Kent County Public Schools Reviews

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The teaching at this school is really engaging. They are really motivational on their students not to fail a certain class and they help them get though out the school year.
New Kent County public schools are amazing. The Teachers work with the students and everyone here has become family. We are New Kent Strong to the core for many reasons.
I grew up in New Kent but ended up having to leave during my eighth grade year due to personal hardships and extreme bullying. I continued with online school until I decided to return for my senior year. The staff within the county were extremely kind and helpful. The high school guidance department were amazing. Teachers were average as far as helpfulness. There is virtually no violence, just the expected rednecks that attend because of the location in the middle of the country in Virginia. Overall, my experience was good. I would do it again if I could.
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I moved here just before my ninth grade year and was very nervous about being able to make new friends but this school and the people that go here are amazing and I a very grateful for that.
I like the small town feel. The teachers all work hard for the students. I would like for technology to be brought up to date. We need better cell and internet coverage in the county and school system.
My experience at New Kent High School was not bad. There are some teachers that could be better and help the students more. The school is just boring. There is really nothing exciting ever going on, but that have some to do with the students as well.
The opportunities for academic diversity are here at New Kent. I was always challenged and pushed to succeed.
I really liked that they offer a lot of classes for college and help make sure that you are very prepared for life but I think that actual administration could do more about getting parents involved in this process.
New Kent has been my home for the past 7 years. I have loved how the school community takes you in and really makes you feel welcomed. They are very good about safety and what to do when something terrible has happened. The teachers are great people to talk to and learn from. i really feel like they want to be there. The only negative part is that this is my last year here! I am very sad but excited that next year when I visit I will be an alumni.
New Kent County Public Schools are top notch. I attended K-12 and feel that I had a wonderful experience. The staff and teachers truly care about each and every student. They want every student to do well and be successful.
It is a very good academic school, and students tend to be very kind to each other. The arts could be focused on a bit more, but there are plenty of clubs for students to join.
New Kent County Schools focuses a lot of their energy on the sports program and ignores the arts. If they could just put more effort and appreciation into the theatre, choir, or band I think students and teachers will enjoy going to work or school.
My time at New Kent High School was very enjoyable. It is a very small community so everyone at the school knows each other. The people within the school are very warm and welcoming. I moved here when I was in sixth grade and it was the easiest place to make friends. People were nice and helped me intergrate into the school. THe teachers at New Kent HIgh School are just like the students. THey try to help youu whenever you need it and make sure your always comfortable.
They offer a variety of classes and most of the teachers are very helpful. Additionally, there are several clubs designed to give students a place to be. One example is the Gay-Straight Alliance which is a comfort zone for all those students who need help expressing their sexuality. However, there are groups of students who mess with other students. They also tend to be loud and disruptive, which often interrupts learning. Additionally, there are teachers who seem to target certain students in their class.
New Kent is a school that offers a lot. There are so many classes you can take and you can also take classes with Bridging Communities and they help you get into college quick with your specific career choice. The teachers and administration care about the students and they will do so much to help you. The clubs and activities are a big thing, there are a lot of students who join and are actively participating in clubs and activities. I do feel safe in this school, not any one guest can just walk in, you have to push a button and wait for an officer or office person to allow you in the building and we always go over the procedures to make sure all students know what they are doing.
I have had a child in each of the 3 schools, New Kent elementary, middle school, and high school. I love these schools. My kids have excelled and are pushed to succeed. They have many different sports teams, clubs and activites.
I have attended New Kent County Public Schools since I was in the first grade. I am currently in my senior year and time at New Kent has been average.
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There isn't much to like about new Kent county schools. It is just your average school. Although most teachers do not care if you genuinley know the material or not, just as long as you pass the exam or SOL, since that looks good on their part. The faculty didn't seem to support the students much in anything. I guess I just didn't have that great of an experience there.
I love my school. I grew up in New Kent and know just about everyone in my school, which is nice. That being said, it's a small town in the country. It's a close knit community and everyone supports each other.
Great school and community. Every one is friendly and the teachers here are really amazing. I have never had a problem with any teachers and they love to help you get the most out of your high school experience.
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