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New Kensington-Arnold School District Reviews

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I liked the fact I was given a laptop to do my work on to compensate for my sub par handwriting. I had a lot of support from my teachers and Really came out of my shell by the time I graduated. Now I currently go to community college after transferring from Washington and Jefferson College. I intend on learning computer science and should I win use the money to support myself taking summer classes to get my degrees as soon as possible.
I think the school is an ok school. There are a lot of things wrong with this school, but there are some good things about it too. We have metal detectors and the system is very slow. I am marked late to school even when I’m on time, just because of the metal detectors. Some of the teachers do not care about the students at all. The curriculum could be better. We don’t really have a variety of classes. We are a very diverse school which is great! Our stadium is really nice. We have one of the nicer stadiums in the area. The school is like a family. We are all together especially the senior class. We have a lot of talent in the school, our musicals are always good.
I've lived here most of my life. Graduated in the class of 2017. The school physically isn't the best, but some of the most dedicated teachers I've met in my life have worked and still work at this school. Yeah, the food can be a hit or miss, and did the ceiling leak for like 4 months straight? Yeah it did. But I'm glad to have gone here because the arts aren't ignored here, and we are diverse. Being a hispanic myself, I never once felt uncomfortable. Would I send my kids here? Sure. So don't judge from the outside.
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It's your typical small town school when everyone's living in school. Teaching and food quality is the same quality as the neighborhood you live in.
I've gone here all my life. We have a bad reputation, but I honestly love the school. Yeah, it's not perfect, but you can make if good for you. There will be a teacher you like. There will be a friend you make. You never really see anyone by themselves. Although it's not the best school around, I'm happy to be a Viking.
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