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New Hope-Solebury School District Reviews

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Great academics,teachers and sports.
New facilities and awesome musics programs
No diversity and ESl need more teachers
Great high school experience. Spend more money on athletic facilities, particularly a multi-purpose field.
I attended here from 1st grade through 5th grade, and I do not regret anything. The education is excellent, and the programs are very good at going one-to-one with every single student. Although the classes are small, it lets you become acquaintances with everyone. They often lots of incredibly designed activities to benefit everyone.
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New Hope Solebury is a unique place. The education is top notch and a strong commitment to the arts and development of students.
I've been in the New Hope-Solebury School District my entire life, therefore being in school with the same kids I've been in school with since I was in kindergarten. Since the school district is small, the classes are small which means lots of one-on-one attention, which is tremendously helpful. There are also a number of high ranking sports teams that you can participate in as well as a handful of clubs. Overall, New Hope-Solebury School District is a fantastic place to recieve your education.
I had excellent teachers and a principal who I genuinely believe cared about me. I'm glad I had the opportunity to go to NHS.
Both of my children attended the New Hope Solebury School District from k through 12 the grade. They have wonderful programs for special needs children and both my children got a great education.
Even though we are a small school, it is a very excellent school. All of our students have close relationships with not only each other, but our teachers as well. I really enjoy the opportunity to have a close relationship with friends and my teachers. I am able to receive the help I need from a teacher without having to worry about waiting to receive it. Being one of the top schools in Pennsylvania, we have really great academics. I really enjoy the curriculum I am taught everyday. I think overall the school is great and doesn't need any changes. It is perfect the way it is.
The classes are so small and teachers come from a diverse array of backgrounds. Classes offered are engaging and challenging.
New Hope is the most accepting place I have ever had the pleasure of being. After moving many times, I realized I have never been somewhere where the academics and help from teachers is so great. The only thing I would like to see change is the diversity. It is probably the least diverse public school in the country.
With the small size, this district is much like a private school with a top-notch education and faculty. The students have access to great resources with great teachers and facilities, and the environment is very positive and encouraging. Some facilities are very nice because of recent renovations, but some others are in a state of disrepair since the buildings are older.
New Hope-Solebury is like attending a private school. Its small size allows for quick curriculum changes when needed. At the high school, it's the kind of school where you can be BOTH the captain of the soccer team AND sing in select choir - a rarity at bigger schools. Even though the high school is small, there are still many choices for AP and Honors classes. The lower elementary school serves grades K-2 and is a special place for the youngest kids to learn and grow. The only challenge you'll have at NH-S is finding a house - it's a very tight real estate market. Otherwise, you can't go wrong moving to New Hope!
I have enjoyed my years here and been given a quality education. The small school size allows for a lot of personal attention from teachers and the ability to form close friendships.
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