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My favorite school for my child was James Logan High School. My son played in the band and they were seen worldwide during the Pasadena Rose Parade on New Year's Day. It was something he and we will always treasure. My daughter was on the debate team. So few schools still have forensics, but James Logan has it and many other extra-curricular activities as well. James Logan High School is also directly across the street from the Union City Library, and they have many activities for young people.
I would like to see more diversity and inclusion. The administration was more focused on themselves than students and teachers.
NHUSD has been very helpful for me personally. They have been a great resource for helping me overcome my learning disability. What I do like is that the one high school has over 4000 students. It sometime feel very overwhelming
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I have always had positive experiences with the school district that I attend, New Haven Unified School District. The best qualities of the district are the resources that students are provided with and the diversity of the student populace. Every student is provided with a Chromebook, which is especially convenient for students who don't have access to another electronic at home. Students are able to borrow books from the library and return them at any time without being fined. Moreover, diversity is our greatest strength. My school and all the schools within the district have students of different ethnicities, who speak a wide range of languages. Consequently, students are more accepting of other cultures.
My experience in new haven unified school district is pretty good because they have very safe security system. Supportive about parents and students difficult situations. The school has more languages for transportation to help you out if you don’t speak English. I got a lot of help and my family from this district when I didn’t knew any English.
My experience hasn't been bad but it hasn't been good either. Unlike the principal at my school, I'm really grateful that they do try to help me whenever I have a problem at school with a teacher. The Superintendents, Arlando Smith, is really kind. However, one thing I don't like about the district is that they barely have bilingual people in their offices and so it's hard sometimes for some people to communicate. One last thing, I don't like is that they don't pay really well to teachers and this has led to Work to Rule which is basically when teachers don't give tutoring after school or during lunch until they get better salaries and this can be pretty stressful for students who really need the help.
There are many after school programs for kids, some of the programs are, after school Athletics, Tutoring & Homework help, Kids Zone and Kids First (For middle and elementary school students), & multiple after school clubs
I liked how the school district is really involved with what is going on in the schools and is putting their best efforts to improve. Although I think they are going s great job I would like to see them fund and be more supportive towards the forensics speech and debate program. As someone who is a part of the team, I can say that we are very underfunded.
The NHUSD is by far the most diverse district ever. They welcome every individual and make sure each individual leaves the district successfully. They offer many different college ready classes in the high school and it gives every kid an opportunity to have a feel for different career options they would be interested in.
The school district mostly works on the school's schedule and regulates teachers' wages and salaries. Before, there is a contract known as work-to-rule that is hindering students' progress and teachers' grading works. This makes us unable to have proper focus on the grades from teachers' contracts. Overall, the school district does its job well.
New Haven Unified School District is primarily for its diversity. There are so many different cultures, religions, colors and languages on each campus in our district. There is no lack of knowledge about all the kinds of different people and because of this there is not as much discrimination and the feeling of uncertainty of being able to be and express yourself here in our district. One thing I would like to change though is the one on one time we get with our counselors.
Most staffs are very welcoming and nice. When we first enrolled at the district, all of the staff who assisted us are very accommodating and they are there to really help us. They helped us filled up all the paper works and the process doesn’t take that long. Also, when my other siblings and I had to take some tests, they also accommodate us as well. Furthermore, when I asked them if they can get back my school district email account, since they have to block it after I graduate, they also assisted me and they helped me to retrieve my email account back because I have saved some important notes and passwords there.
My experience at the new haven district was very moderate. At times I found myself feeling like I had everything I needed in order to stay on the educational success road. In my later years as a high schooler I found out that it was too great. I would definitely say that elementary through middle school is where this district shines, but once you reach high school. The lack of attention to you as a student slowly fades and you are not set up for higher educational success.
Very helpful district, I learned a lot here from elementary to high school. Met some good teachers, made some good friends, and had some good experiences as well.
I like how the district is very diverse and full of opportunities. There are many college readiness programs and the school James Logan is very diverse and interesting and overall a good school.
Overall, the teachers in this district are very devoted to helping their students learn. They value their student's education and want them to succeed. However, I would really like to see more diversity among the teachers and among the ways they teach.
The New Haven Unified School District is very diverse and it offers many different opportunities for students. The sports program excel in many distinct aspects. Although there are many ways students benefit, I would like to see the facilities more maintained and student lunch more inviting. As a student involved in honors classes and sports, teachers are considerate. The science department should improve in their AP classes especially AP Chemistry.
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I have been in this school district for about 9 years. I love how many friends I made of the years. you meet your old friends that was in elementary school back in high school since there is only one high school.
I have been in the New Haven district from kindergarten to high school. My teachers were always very encouraging with their students and passionate about what they do. All though Union City is a small town, the high school is known for its many programs statewide, and even nationwide. The schools are very diverse but the students are all united.
The school district cherry picks which programs to fund. The academics are okay, but most of the teachers can improve greatly. However, there are many resourceful teachers. The district doesn't provide students opportunities that are essential to college.
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