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The best part of the New Haven School District (specifically Southern Connecticut State University) is the amount of contacts you can make as well as the diversity of the campus.
NHPS system tends to offer a better education than other typical public schools. They are invested in magnet schools, where I go, and it shows.
my experience with new haven schools was pretty good overall. I liked how they had a good amount of diversity,I liked all the opportunities that they offer. I also liked how most of the teachers where available to help you after school or during their lunch breaks. Most of the students are nice. they are all minding their own business so no really bothers you or bullies you. You'll find a group of people to hang out with even if you don't really know any one.
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What I liked about New Haven school district is the diversity and school clubs & activities. The children in the district are very creative young people. What needs to improve is the learning structure we need to be more advance. The young people in New Haven school district to have at least the similar learning structure as someone attended a private school. College resources and being able to afford college should be more open to the New Haven school district kids.
I would like to see teachers and staff preparing and spending more time sending high school graduates off to college.
It’s a small district in my opinion and that great because you meet people you could easily be friends with for year but because it’s so small it can begin to few stagnant.
I have only been in NHPS for high school but, over my four years my academics and my teachers have given me a wonderful experience. They have, so far, made me feel prepared for college.
I like to way which some student have been treating and also the care about English Learner. Some of teachers are understandable and they help the students in many different ways.
I’m at a school within the New Haven area. I go to achievement furst Amistad Academy. This school is tremendously strict but all in all, I’ve maintained a 4.0GPA my whole highschool career and would say I’m a leader within my school community. There is a lot of difficulty that i would say my school has and has been addressed, which makes its seem that people within my school have a voice which we are all incredibly grateful for.
My experience at New Haven Schools District has been overall excellent. It's an extremely diverse community in which people are interacting and discovering new facts daily. The education is very well and this has to be my favorite overall. Students are truly challenged to their maximum potential and it gives them a chance to prepare well for college. I believe students from New Haven are very well prepared and will succeed in life.
It is a very diverse are where everyone is included. As a first-generation college student in the fall, I was able to obtain resources from my school that helped me tremendously while also taking a weight off my shoulders and allowing me to be a teenager.
I like how teachers are supportive of our ideas, and how they try their best to help us achieve more.
Nothing needs to change! Everything and everyone is amazing! From the teachers to the students to the remaining staff, everyone is so kind and sets my children up for the most successful path possible.
The New Haven school district is very well rounded in its diversity and amount of academic programs and activities. There are many great teachers here that are very enthusiastic about what they teach. Overall my experience with the New Haven school district has been great.
I think New Haven has some great potential. A lot of teachers are sadly undermined by political power in City Hall.
I truly enjoyed my 4 years of High School. I learned so much in such a short time and would not have traded the experience for anything.
I very much enjoyed the opportunities that were given to me through the different schools in the New Haven School District and the different middle schools I got to tutor in.
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I like that the faculty within the Board of Education really care about their students. I can tell that certain plans are in progress in order to effectively better the schools in New Haven. One thing I don't like is that now its possible that some middle schools in New Haven are shutting down. My concern is where will the kids in those schools now go? I don't think its fair that middle schools are shutting down, making it inconvenient for the students and their families.
New Haven has a lot of opportunities such as scholarships for residents of New Haven and Yale programs being offered. However new haven schools are not at their best and could you better teachers, administration and in some cases, better students. The district is disorganized.
The New Haven school System has a number of resources that are available to help students prepare for college if they are proactive in seeking them. Thankfully I had great guidance Counselors who were able to steer me in the appropriate directions. I do believe that students who do not have that type of guidance available are at a disadvantage as it pertains to accessibility to college prep resources such as college fairs, resume writing, college interview and SAT prep.
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