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I like NHCS very much. I have been in the area my whole life and have enjoyed school there greatly. My only pet peeves are the underfunding of the arts departments and the unnecessary amounts of missed school days due to weather (I understand the danger of course, but these days are hard to make up and I wish they would think about that more before they gave us off school).
It's been a good experience so far. When I did have issues, the admin at the school handled the problems quickly and discretely.
I feel safe and welcomed at my school. The teachers and students are friendly. I like the schedule at my school and the option of so many different courses. I like that I can take AP classes and also be taking a class like ceramics. One of my favorite things about my school is the wide range of classes to take.
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New Hanover County Schools appear to consider providing an acceptable education for their students, however, the difference in the resources across the schools differ tremendously. The main three high schools in the area, Hoggard, Laney, and Ashley, each hold different economic levels of students. As a current student of Laney High School, I would love to see the traffic problem into and out of the school change.
New Hanover County Schools have provided a great education for both of my daughters. There are many opportunities to participate in a variety of clubs, sports, and academic programs/clubs. The teachers and administrators have always been helpful and accommodating and great communicators. Teachers have been great providing any extra assistance academically with weekly hours for study groups and/or extra support. The school and district provide emails and phone calls to share information regarding our specific high school as well as local/regional school board information. We were thankfully able to attend our neighborhood school that we were not districted for by applying for an open choice placement. We have been very happy with New Hanover County Schools.
I felt the Lyceum Program at New Hanover was an excellent program that enabled students to be more college ready. I do feel they need more trade classes for those not wishing to attend a four year school.
I grew up in New Hanover County Schools, starting at Parsley Elementary in kindergarten. It was a great school and the Principal knew every kid that went to school there. Middle School was Roland Grise and High School is Hoggard. I feel very prepared for college from my honors and AP classes. I feel like my teachers cared about me and my future.
NHCS needs help. NC has some of the worst schools in the country, and my county is no exception. The teachers are wonderful and try their best with what they have, which is very little. Schools are overcrowded, underfunded, and often ignored by officials.Neighborhood schools are also a big problem here, and add to the disparity between the rich and poor. There is much that needs to be done to fix the school system.
The schools are high quality; however, they are crowded and could use more technology. There is a lot of focus on testing in North Carolina which is unfortunate.
My experience with New Hanover County schools has been good and positive. I'm lucky enough to be apart of a county that offers many different educational and performance opportunities. The arts in the program is magnificent and it's something I've been a part of since Kindergarten. The circular for these programs are well taught and do help us in the future. Overall, most of my teachers have been nothing but kind. One thing that could be changed however is the Drivers Education programs. The wait to register for the program was incredibly stressful and I had a terrible experience. I took this class July Freshmen year and wasn't called to drive until Sophmore year, late December because my form got lost. I just hope that no one will have to go through the stress and disappointment I went through.
New Hanover Co. schools need to keep up with the growing population. The schools they have are mostly poorly maintained. Playing catch-up as far as facilities go.
Senior project needs to be replaced with something more comprehensive that will prepare students to be more college ready. More funding needs to be allocated to lower income schools that can help provide them with outreach programs to help these students, who are already at a disadvantage, succeed.
They do not offer but one Accelerated program which is AIG, and if your child is gifted at all, they only 4hrs a week to work on things that actually challenge their acedemic level. My son used to LOVE going to school when we lived in Charlotte and now he finds every excuse in the book to stay home from school as much as possible bc he is bored out of his mind!!! Not fair for the gifted kid who deserves a chance to remain accelerated but won’t due to never being challenged academically!!!!
My high school is extremely overcrowded which leads me to believe some opportunities were unavailable. However, I think the administrators did the best they could although the frustration from teachers is evident. I was lucky to live in a great elementary and middle school district.
I have attended schools in three different North Carolina counties. The overall vibe of New Hanover is very negative, both in the interactions of the students and teachers. That being said, I have had some great teachers through the years. I feel prepared for college thanks to my teachers in the Lyceum Academy at New Hanover High School.

The schools in New Hanover County are extremely unevenly supported. Many schools depend heavily on PTA monies, therefore there are extreme differences in each school's facilities, resources and overall culture. Many people in the area choose private schools for this reason.
I have attended new Hanover county schools during my entire school career and have had a good experience. The teachers are great and very attentive to their students. Can use some renovations and expansions but overall good experiences
New Hanover High school has been such an important part of my readiness for college life. Lyceum Academy within Hanover has prepared me and taught me how to study and learn efficiently.
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I enjoyed my experience. However, I believe that more teachers need to be hired so that there will be a better student to teacher ratio.
New Hanover County Schools is overcrowded, and most schools are limited in resources. High schools and middle schools are extremely overcrowded, and this is why many students do not get the help they need. In middle school, I was severely bullied and we had to get the district's bullying specialist involved. She told me that the bullying was my fault... I do not recommend this school district in that sense. Administration is not very helpful at many schools. Despite this, New Hanover County Schools does have great sports and clubs programs.
I like it I guess. I just wish that they had cleaner bathrooms and a lot of the times there's no soap or paper towels. Also, the kids are really nasty and rude a lot of the times. My friends and other people I hang out with are nice but a lot of the other ones are rude.
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