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New Hampton Community School District Reviews

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I really enjoy New Hampton because our school is very supportive and their is a lot of opportunities for students to try new things.
At New Hampton Community School I really like the fact it is in a small town so everyone knows each other. I do not like that the school makes a big deal of the little things but when it comes to big things that need full attention on the administration puts whatever it is to the side like it does not matter.
I love this small town community. One thing I’ve always wished for is more opportunities for kids to do on a Saturday nights. We have no theater or shopping areas so it’s easy to get bored in this town.
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Your typical small town, everyone knows everyone and all of their drama type of school. There's barely any diversity or culture but that's because it is a small town as previously stated, and most of the kids there have been there their whole lives and so have their parents.
New Hampton Community School District has attempted to incorporate new ideas and policies - of course, their efforts don't go unnoticed, however the results seem to he lacking. The school revolves around athletics, and has generally zero concern for academia. Opportunities are more like shackles that bound the students, and the "innovation" is uninspiring to say the least. Now, should you want your child to learn in a risk-free zone, that offers solid athletics and nearly-average classes, then New Hampton is a promising fit.
New Hampton High School is a great school. Almost everyone is involved In extracurricular activities. I'm very proud of our school spirit!!
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