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New Fairfield School District Reviews

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When attending New Fairfield High School I felt the same way all high school students feel about their high schools, ew. Now that I have had a chance to evaluate and compare my education and opportunities I realize how lucky I was to attend New Fairfield High School. The lab facilities, the pond out back, the sport teams, the social functions, the lunch menu, the arts programs, all I can say is I really didn't know how much I had access to that a lot of students don't get a chance to experience until college.
The New Fairfield Public Schools District is fantastic. All of our teachers care about their students and they make sure we’re learning valuable information we can take with us in life! Every teacher makes time in their schedules so students can come for extra help if they need it. They not only teach us the material, they engage the class and make their lessons interesting! Everyone feel included in the New Fairfield School system! There are also so many opportunities for high schoolers here in New Fairfield! Our high school has countless AP and Honors classes if students wish to challenge themselves, electives, educational trips, plays, sports, and clubs! Everyone finds something they’re interested in and because of our close knit community, making friendships is so easy!
Pretty boring, terrible people and there's about 99% white people, don't look at the diversity grade, that's a joke
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Overall it's a safe school, there aren't many fights and students generally feel comfortable in and around the school. The English department is strong as is the science department. The middle school and high school have below-average math teachers and students often feel unprepared in that subject. There are a good amount of elective classes and student athletes are fairly happy.
Teachers are well educated and know what they are teaching. Make students work hard while encouraging them to do their best.
You'd think a town with so many rich people would work on having a nicer high school and try to get rid of the apparent drug problem kids at the high school have. The superintendent sucks. Teachers hate their jobs. Kids get in trouble for things that don't matter and don't get in trouble for things that do. Cafeteria food is awful. Do not send your kids here!
Education was average, AP classes offered were above average and very interesting. Night class is offered for high school students which is convenient.
I am currently a senior at New Fairfield High School and have been part of the New Fairfield School District since I moved to New Fairfield in 2007. The school district is a strong learning environment and provides the students with very good resources. You do find though that some of the teachers are really not that great and you need to really push yourself in certain classes to succeed. They could have done a better job on preparing some of the students for college and showing them what requirements were needed for certain schools. Overall I would say that the New Fairfield School District is a place where most students and children will succeed.
Good school. Little to complain about. Outdated textbooks and equipment but all of it manages to get the job done.
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