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My experience at New Castle High School was overall an average high school experience. I was involved in a few extra curricular activities such as marching band, indoor percussion, and the PEER mentor program and I had a ton of fun and success with those activities. As for the academics, it was your average high school experience. The material was standard to the Indiana curriculum with some fun projects to go with it. Some teachers were better than others in both teaching and personal connections with students. Overall, I was satisfied during my years at New Castle.
My experience with New Castle School Corporation was fair. I really enjoyed most of the teacher and staff. It was mostly a friendly environment with lots of involvement and activities for everyone. I am glad to have received a great and full education from the school. It was definitely an upwards part of my teenage years.
I enjoyed New Castle because it was a very welcoming environment. The people at the school made it very easy to be yourself. The sports programs are very important at New Castle. I love that part of the school because I enjoy watching sports and it is a great way for all of the students to make friends. The sports also help to shape the students into the young adults that they are becoming in their life. They provided you with what you needed to be successful in life also. The classes that were provided could help someone to get an early start on college. This is a big advantage that they give to students. I would not change anything about New Castle High School. I am glad I was a Trojan and I enjoyed all of my years of high school there.
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Loved going to school as a teenager. Education is top notch. Loved the teachers and the way you can approach them with questions or concerns over studies.
This is a great school overall. However, it does have a few kinks it needs to work out, as does every school. The teachers at this school are amazing and are here not only for a paycheck, but to help students succeed
This school has great teachers, but the resources and funding for things that actually matter are practically nonexistent. If you’re looking for good sports teams the school is ok, but the coaches don’t necessarily choose teams fairly. Many times the athletes chosen are related to someone well known in the community and have more opportunities than other students. As for school environment, classrooms, libraries, and computer labs are average. Student resources could use some updating, but all in all they suffice and helped me get into a good college.
I like how students are connected with laptops and its easy to talk to teachers if you have a question at home. I like all of the options for classes that we can take but I wish some were not just one hour. I feel like there needs to be more activities that are school wide and during the school day to get everyone involved. We have strong programs like music and sports. Mostly the teacher are there for students and supportive in what students are involved in. We need to work on more preparing for college I think. I would say somethings need work but I feel ok in school.
I’ve been at new castle since I was in kindergarten, the school system has taught me so much and as I’ve gotten older it’s gotten me ready for college
I had a great experience at Newcastle Highschool. Most of the teachers are so nice and want all of their students to succeed. It is a clean healthy environment plus everyone knows eachother so no one gets left out.
Some teachers are great, others aren't. I definitely did not feel well-prepared in many areas once I started college.
I liked most of my teachers and most of my classes. I would like to see the culture and the atmosphere change though.
I believe this school is a very good environment and i would recommend it to others if they had intentions on going to a new school for whatever the reason may be. They have very good teachers and it's an all around good atmosphere.
New Castle Community Schools offer a great program for students to further their education. New Castle High School offers many great courses and programs that go from AP courses to vocational programs. Students who attend New Castle Community Schools will not take them long to fit in to the community.
I had a pretty good experience with New Castle High School. Most of the teachers are very helpful and passionate. I've had many excellent teachers that are willing to help students in and outside of the classroom. There are a select few, however, that definitely need improvement. I think the school could do a better job of paying attention to what parents and students want. For example, many of the students said they would benefit from having handheld paper agendas instead of online agendas to keep track of their assignments and important dates. The school did not listen to what students said and continued to use the online form of the agenda. Very few of the students used the online version and many (including myself) went out and bought their own. I think if that if New Castle High School began to work on small things like this, their students and their parents would be happier.
I attended New Castle High school my Junior and Senior years of High school. It wasn't the best in my opinion. I came from Gilbert, Az and the school district there was much better in all the elements including diversity, academics, resources, safety etc.
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