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I’m new to the area and not even from Pennsylvania is what makes this even more terrible. First of all, my families arrival here was not very welcoming. I enrolled my child in one of the schools here for the first time and this will be my last. And even my last time being in Pennsylvania. Horrible experience which led to my family being torn apart. I will never let ANY of my children attend these schools. Ever.
I love the our school district is diverse and full of many different cultures and languages. I liked to take classes that challenged me when I needed challenged. Some teachers are very supportive in class. I do not like the way bullying is sometimes handled and I do not like how the some of the teachers are selective with students. I do not like how I can get treated differently then other students because my mom isn't on the school board or isn't a teacher. I love the activities that are offered especially the theater department because it is a safe place to meet new people and not be judged for having an illness or being different.
I have had a good educational experience at New Castle High School. Teachers are interested in students learning. I was involved in the marching band program and loved it. I do wish there was more opportunity for tutoring other than the Canes Club program.
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My experience here was at first a very good and steady atmosphere, but once i entered my 10th grade year it turned in to a very distracting environment.
New Castle High School has a decent education and teachers that care about their students. Any student can leave it prepared for college if they put in the effort.
Overall it wasnt an awful high school but it had lots of issues. Lots of fighting between students, pretty terrible good and some way below average teachers. The honors program (which I was a part of) was great but outside of that classes were average in quality at best.
My favorite parts about going to New Castle were my friends that I made early in life, and eventually graduated with, and extracurricular activities- sports to be precise. Winning the basketball state championship my junior year was the highlight of my high school years.
It's an overall nice school that has teachers and faculty that really care and try their best to prepare you for a higher education or for a job once you graduate.
the Opportunity to take high level academic classes to prepare for future schooling. Great school to use as a stepping stones for real life experiences.
Teachers consist of a couple diamonds in the rough, nepotism is rampant, education is average, athletics are valued over academics.
I enjoy New Castle a lot, but there are many things I believe could happen to make the school a better place for the students. First off, I believe SAT prep should start at a young age, not in 11th grade. (which for most people is the year they take them) I also think the school should be more disiplined on the students, kids get away with a lot more than they should. Finally, I think New Castle should force you to take harder classes the base classes are to easy. There are to many intelligent kids taking pre-algebra in 10th grade. Overall I really do enjoy my school, it is not perfect but it definitely has taught me a lot and I’m thankful to have grown up a red hurricane!
New Castle School District has great teaches and I feel I received a great education! The teachers really seem to care and want to help you succeed. I like that there’s something for everyone at my school and the school district is very diverse.
New castle was a very friendly environment. The teachers were very helpful and made sure i was prepared for anything. They are caring and will try to do anything they can for their students. New castle could use updated lunches, but other than food everything was great!
New castle is a great school district. They have great teachers and challenging classes that will push you to become a great student. New castle is the best school to get an education at.
This school is very diverse and offers honors classes and unique steam course subjects. I am currently taking a robotics class in which we compete in vex and first robotics competitions.
I am an New Castle Senior High School graduate class of 2005. My experience with the High school was a very good experience. Their academics levels and involvement with sports is tremendous.! if i still lived in the area i would highly recommend that my children get involved and attend the school. In that school your most likely to find more than one teacher that is very involved in their students education and to help them further their education. The resources that New Castle school offers to students is very helpful. My rate for New Castle Senior High School overall would be a 10.
I have loved my time going to New Castle Jr/Sr High School. A majority of the teachers that I have had truly cared about the overall well being of their students, which I appreciate extremely. I have taken AP/honor classes since freshman year. There is a strong emphasis on sports, so there is major school spirit. Sometimes I feel that sports do take priority and feel overshadowed by my accomplishments. There was even a start up of a GSA, which is really cool.
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The school was alright. I had to take advanced courses to feel challenged at all however. The food was awful and there were no clubs offered.
Overall I could not see myself at any other school besides New Castle. It has definitely shaped me into the person that I am today. Each and every staff has made a difference in my life as a whole. Giving me advice on how to handle a situation, and teaching me to never give up on your dreams and be able to work together. The only thing I could ever change is the dress code because I believe we should have a little more freedom in what we wear or want to wear, but besides the dress code this school is by far one of the best schools in America.
The school is very well rounded. There's so much diversity throughout all the students. You'll almost always have someone to talk to. The teachers are very supportive and helpful.
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