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New Caney ISD has definitely become a better and more well-rounded place for students to excel and succeed over the past few years. The teachers have always worked hard to make genuine connections with their students and cater to individual needs. Providing a great sense of community, the district focused on making sure the student body came together through different organizations, clubs, and sports. They've greatly improved upon their facilities, with the addition of a new stadium, new classrooms, and school renovations.
I have been in the district my entire life and I am pleased with the district. There are a few things I would change, perhaps when it comes to personal expression with hair color, but it is a school district that gets work done. It is located in a small town where everyone is connected in someway. There are many amazing teachers willing to lend a helping hand, but there may be one or two bad apples. Parents can become involved on trips and are willing to help the schools their kids are involved in. Sports vary depending on which school you attend. Some schools are more sports-based than others.
The district really cares for its students and provides all that is needed for both staff and faculty.
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I like the diploma options that were given and how they were divided into Houses. I like the diversity that the district offers and the sense of family in the area. I attended from 2nd grade through Graduation in this district. I love the Kingwood area attached to the school district.
The point in life where I noticed the biggest change would be when I entered Infinity Early College High School. All my life I notice that teachers really did not interact act with students or feel that they could make a change but that's now a thing of the past. Infinity is a safe haven, there, teachers worked for the students by assisting in any possible sometimes financially from their own pocket. The most influential person I have met was Mr. Gomez, my algebra teacher. He was the best role model a student could ever have, everywhere you saw him, he was hard at work. There I found my passion and devotion to math. I wanted to be the best algebra student out of the school, he pushed me to work towards my dream of being a petroleum engineer. I worked and worked, even took summer classes during the summer. Devoting my time, energy, and sleep to reach my purpose. I flourished into the proudest son a mother could have. At Infinity, I learn to TCOB, take care of business.
The things i like about the New Caney Independent School district are the safety precautions that are taken to keep the students and staff safe in case of an emergency.
This district had kind and helpful teachers. Most of them help students get the success they deserve.
There are a few teachers who are easy to get along with and talk to when in need for a person to turn to. Not only that, but they are good and knowledgeable at what they are teaching, but I can also say that some do not. There's a lot of neat clubs to choose from. A lot of school spirit from both students and teachers. I wish they had a class that helped prepare us more for actual college and the road blocks that we might go through for when we go to college and either live in a dorm, or in my case have to rent an actual apartment. To actually help students who plan to take the SAT or ACT in the future. Also, help give them advice about dealing with later student debt and how to get rid of it an easy and quick way.
Amazing staff. Low student to teacher ratios. Lots of parent involvement. New Caney Independent School district is one of the best kept secrets in Houston. The school in this area provide great programs for kids. They even provide at $1600 scholarship to all students that graduate from New Caney Independent School district. The New Caney Education Foundation provides additional grants to teachers and schools in the district.
The school had a good atmosphere and sports. Good overall. Here is my only complaint. The bathrooms need to be cleaner at NCHS. They stink and are very dirty. They need to be cleaned more often.
I went to school in NCISD from kindergarten all the way through graduating from New Caney High School in 2017. Through all those years I hardly had any problems, I always had great teachers, faculty, APs, and principles. NCISD also has a great, friendly and social student body, rarely was there a fight between students at the school I was currently attending. Overall I think NCISD is a school district where you will find diversity, great sporting events as well as community events and fundraisers, down to earth people, and very interactive staff and faculty.
The school district is very good. Growing up here was very nice. It is very safe and peaceful. For the most part. There are not much crimes committed on my campus, though maybe on the others.
During my time here there were many changes in classes that I needed to take which messed with my course planning
My son really enjoyed attending Porter High School. He loved his teachers, and all the unique ways they taught. As a parent I was truly pleased to finally see my son happy with school.
I have been in this district for 3 years. It is very nice that they give the students personal computers that they can take home every night to do their homework. However, they have so many restrictions on these computers that it slows them down and makes it hard to do a lot of things. I would like to see them loosen the reigns on website restrictions because it makes it harder for the students to do their work with so many restricted websites interfering.
I have been enrolled at New Caney ISD since elementary school. The teachers are proactive. The food is okay.
It's a good district with good programs, but I think they need to pay more attention to what students want. They don't communicate well with students. When it came to talking about college, they didn't provide much. Many students were left to figure that out on their own. Many of the students didn't have parents who went to college, and they really didn't know what they were doing.
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I love how their is so many activities and choices in high school. Whatever you are interested in, there is something for you. The teachers are helpful and supportive. The atmosphere is safe and friendly. If I had to change one thing, it would be the food in the cafeteria (more options, and better quality).
It was an excellent experience and well rounded education program and I was involved in the FFA PROGRAM and it was awesome as well as the criminal justice program. I want to be a Agriculture and FFA teacher and teach future highschool students when I finish college. I am going to SHSU in the fall and graduating this may 2018. The staff and activities and support is phenomenal.
The NCISD works very well to insure that it's staff and students are receiving everything they need to better succeed in the field of education. Overall, it's both a great work environment and education system.
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