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It is a very good school system to be learning the skills for college and life and I have lots of friends the food is good for school food I like the teachers it is good
I started kindergarten in the New Canaan School District and graduated this past year. The New Canaan Public School district does everything in their power to accommodate all kids. They really do a lot to make sure that everybody is properly supported. I feel so fortunate to have grown up within a town that cares so much about the education of their youth population and when I grow up, I find it extremely likely that I will end up here to raise my own kids.
West school is a great place for your child to receive a proper education. The curriculum provided is outstanding.
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I had a great experience with the New Canaan school district. I made many great friends through the years and still remain friends to this day! There is an excellent competitive atmosphere academically, athletically, and in the Arts.
New Canaan Public Schools care about the emotional health of your child. Safe schools and neighborhood. Excellent staff and administration that care about your child.
New Canaan (CT) has always been known for its high academics and sports, and well deserved. New Canaan is a prestigious school district that prepares students for their future and has the best teachers, who are not only extremely well educated, but also love what they do.
New Canaan Public Schools are absolutely the BEST. The academic rigor and extremely helpful professors prepare students for college like none other. The facilities, administration and high quality teachers are all terrific.
This school offered many different courses and electives that would help inform students on particular majors they might take interest in. The cafeteria was known for the good quality of food. As well as the library had many different areas of study and places to spark creativity. Courses were challenging and there was always reliable tutors to insure academic success.
New Canaan (CT) is known for its academics and sports. But, the arts are also very much a part of our school community. I played Ice Hockey but, also had several pieces in arts shows at the school and the New Canaan Carriage Barn Arts Center. New Canaan gives students a "leg-up" toward their next step of academic endeavor.
I love everything about this wonderful town! I love every schools that I have attended, South, Saxe, and New Canaan High. I am who I am because of my teachers and my community.
When moving to New Canaan, I was impressed with the great amount of resources. The education system is challenging and the faculty pushes the students to be the best they can be. However, it was sad to see the little diversity and the cliques that I only saw here and not in my previous school.
Excellent school system, clean environment and strong community involvement. Crime is nonexistent in this community and there are many resources available to students.
I love New Canaan High School as I feel that the learning environment is very positive. Our facilities are amazing, such as the new study rooms that were installed in the library. I love to eat in the cafeteria while listening to music with my friends as well. Sometimes I feel as though the teachers are unreasonable in the amount of homework assigned in some of the higher level courses. The workload is extremely overwhelming at times. But, other than that I feel many of the teachers in the building truly do love what they do and they try to make the school a great place every day.
New Canaan High is a competitive school that prepares you for college extremely well. Great teachers, tremendous community involvement with widespread parent involvement.
The New Canaan School District is a very academic and sport related district. The school always wishes the success for their students and will always support the students that would like to succeed.
I think that it is a great school. The academic rigor and helpful teachers really prepare me for college and for the future. The facilities are terrific and the food is well worth the money. All in all, New Canaan High School is the ideal high school.
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