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New Brunswick Public Schools Reviews

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There aren't a lot of opportunities available within New Brunswick because the learning environment isn't the greatest leading to kids being left behind.
It’s a great school! Everyone helps each other! There are multiple things students can do after school.
It was a great school filled with people who cared about you and wanted the best for you. It is also one o the cleanest schools around
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Overall, my experience with the New Brunswick school district was fine. I'd like to see more changes in terms of helping students with their mental health.
I think that some teachers should really consider how they teach and if their students are actually learning. Sometimes (not always) they shouldn't be judgmental of the students.
I transferred to this school my junior year and every student I've ever met has been super enthusiastic about the school, it's sports and it's faculty. Before I was here I've never seen such pride in a school and because of it, it almost made me look at school differently
The New Brunswick School District was an okay experience. There weren't many problems when I attended the schools. The teachers that taught me were good teachers and some were not the best. There was diversity in the schools but not extremely diverse. Every time you went to a New Brunswick school, you would often see the same races. But overall the schools in this district weren't so bad. The sports were really good though. Many students enroll into them, and many students in high school start to participate in many activities.
I love that everything in New Brunswick is close to my home. My family has also been living in new Brunswick for the last 10 years and I think that there are a lot of memories made here. Over all I just like ho New Brunswick has treated me.
What I enjoyed about New Brunswick School District is that they continuously try to make sure you are in a place where you belong. The faculty try their hardest to create a friendly environment and help you achieve the goals you want. They offer different programs and some are useful. They even offer programs that are connected with Rutgers University that will allow you to gain that college experience and learn how to prepare yourself for college. This school district is constantly improving to make sure that every student is being taken care of and that everyone is trying their best in school. The faculty will make sure they stay connected with you and the programs are beginning to create a difference in the lives of their students.
New Brunswick has some good and ok teacher that are willing to see their students succeed but guidance and administration need to step it up totally lacking the skill they need to help students.
There needs to be a more diverse community and cleaner schools. I also believe that there should be more teacher being monitored as they are usually mean and bullies to their students. There needs to be healthier and more various lunch food.
I like how some teachers challenge their students and persuades them to not be lazy.
Well my overall experience growing up in this district was not so bad. As far as I knew, there were no incidents of bullying among students but there may instances where students had problems with one another that were not really addressed. Most teachers actually cared about the well being of the students and did a better job at identifying problems troubling a certain student than guidance counselors.
The teachers are passionate. And I like their energy. And you learned very well in a propice environnement. The diversity help understand different culture around the world.
I would like to see the education change in terms of getting teens ready for college and see the education get harder
New Brunswick High school gives its students many opportunities to succeed they offer free after school tutoring, free help applying to college, you take your S.A.T for free and there are so many different after school programs for you to choose from whether it be a sport, art classes, cheer leading or even drama club there's even a student volunteer club. I myself went to New Brunswick High School and I loved it. Some very caring teachers will go beyond their job descriptions to help you out with school work or in your personal life. While I didn't go to New Brunswick Middle school I did attend McKinley Community School for 9 years kindergarten to 8th grade and I've never had a bad experience with my grades they as well have many after school programs and offer many free things where in other districts you would need to pay for out of pocket. But most important of all is the Diversity in New Brunswick!
For many lack of resources is an obstacle but for others its a way to better your school. My school has many flaws but I learned in life that you should always fight for what you want. As a result, in the past year many students have been voicing their problems and needs within our school. Administration and the Board of Education has been paying close attention to the feelings expressed and things have been changing a lot within our school and getting better.
As a part of the New Brunswick community, I enjoy the diverse and cultured background. I also like how my state university, Rutgers is one of the nation's best schools. I receive a lot of mentorship and guidance from the organizations I have involved myself in New Brunswick. I hope to be the change for the face of my city and to inspire other students like myself to achieve their academia goals.
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New Brunswick was really bad food. The education is not that great. Schools need to get remodeled, they are really old and need air conditioning. I would like to see more college preparations for students.
Teachers are engaged, and some active students are willing to learn. Although some alarming situations can occur during the school hours, security tries there best to tackle the problem at hand. Overall, not a bad district if you associate yourself with the right people.
I've been in this district for the past eight years and honestly each year it gets worse. I personally don't think the students in NBPS are going to go far in life due to the lack of role models, attention, college readiness and most importantly the lack of parent involvement.
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