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New Britain School District Reviews

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Great school district, always finding a way to help students keep a dream in front of them. Have great bilingual program and great sport teams.
My experience in New Britain high school is a great experience they have good teachers and good clubs where you can join and consulars who care to help you to get into college and offer scholarships to help you in college
What I like about New Britain high is it’s diversity. Being exposed to different cultures at this age is amazing, meeting different kinds of people and learning about different cultures is an important thing for a teenager. I also enjoy the resources and help offered with college, like our Career Center, where there is always a teacher there to help you with your SAT’s and applying for colleges. Some things that I wasn’t satisfied with was the amount of arguments and fights students got into. Although there was a lot of unity in times of need like protests and things like that, there was a lot of fighting and unnecessary drama that wasn’t really handled well by staff.
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The staff in most schools are great and very helpful. The variety and diversity of students is wide.
being a senior in high school, the new Britain district is overall not bad. it prepared me for college and overall taught me about diversity and giving back to my community.
The New Britain school district has a good environment for kids growing up. You are very exposed to many different cultures and beliefs. I would like to see a change in staff though, more motivated teachers!
I love the music suite and it’s a very diverse school. although there is bad things about nb there is also very good things as well.
Our high school is very diverse and we have a lot of different groups an clubs to keep us students busy.
I loved the diversity in the New Britain School District, the opportunities for parents and students to get involved, as well as the support provided for those in need.
To me New Britain high was a standard school with its own problems. Not all schools are perfect but this one was slightly below average especially the end of the year project capstone which was poorly executed. I'd remove the year long project and work on more effective security of school property that manages to be vandalized at random
I love how diverse the New Britain School District is, it provides many opportunities for many ethnic groups. One thing I think can improve is the funding that is given to each school, I think each school needs more funding and resources to provide the education that any student deserves.
I like how diverse the community is and how it does not draw attention to any single ethnicity because there are many.
I like that the New Britain School District is very diverse and embraces its diversity. They have an active presence on social media that allows parents and students to be involved within the school district. As a student, I truly feel that the district cares about me and the thousands of other students.
The diversity in the New Britain School District gives a great experience and knowlege about different nationalities, religions, civilization, culture, and cuisine background. The involvement in the students lives is phenomenal, especially with the emotional and psychological part. Also, they are outstanding in giving aid for the students with disabilities by providing programs and involving them in most of the school events.
My experience in the New Britain school district was good. Was I was in elementary I watched the school dress code change from being able to wear what ever you wanted to having to wear uniform. Somethings I would like to see change is the amount of field trips we go on. When I was in middle school i went on a field trip everyday when I was in global academy. But the Board of Education took it away.
I feel like New Britain has a lot to offer as far as extracurricular activities, but is somewhat lacking with teaching quality
I would love to see more challengingly academics and stricter staff, as well as test awareness, more parent involvement and restrictions, sometimes we have it too easy here. More productivity is needed, potential and action over simply scoring. Overall, the pride, energy, and persistence are strong. The shift from older vibes to modernity is going pretty well.
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This school district is okay, not bad. Many kids come and go and this district is great for coming together and helping out. It is always open for help and opportunities.
I like the fact that the district is very multicultural and diverse. Everyone supports each other academically. There's so many activities within each grade level to participate in and the support system is amazing. It's all about what you make of it.
New Britain school districts are diverse and welcoming. There's lots of opportunities for everyone in the community and lots of help from the board of education and family and friends.
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