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New Brighton Area School District Reviews

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I liked how the classes were small. A better teacher to student ratio. However, I wish the teachers were more understanding.
I love everything about New Brighton School District. They accept all of the students as their family. They are very welcoming and helpful. They want everyone to succeed and they strive for it.
Unlike others this high school has little to offer for gifted students. They have under ten Advance Placement classes, in 2018 there was only 5. Aside from academics they have police officers on duty everyday to help ensure the safety of your children following by random locker searches with police dogs. If you are looking for a smaller school with a good cross country team and some what challenging classes I would recommend New Brighton Area High School for you.
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It had it good part and it doesn't. The teachers were hit or miss. Believe me there is way good teacher and the librarian was SO amazing! But I definitely not ready for collage
I had a wonderful high school experience. It wasn't a big school, but I liked that because I had a more personal experience and was able to interact closer with peers and teachers. The teachers really care about their students and want to do all they can do to help! The school is all about community and helping each other out which I think is really great! One thing I would like to see change are the sports programs. When I was there they were great, but they seem like they may have fallen through the cracks a little bit.
All the teachers are very involved and care about the students success. If I could change anything it would be the food to make it better.
I liked the academic encouragement, however, I believe academic encouragement went too far with some students concerning their mental health. Then, that's with every school I've been to. I especially liked the sense of community there... Bullying was hardly an issue and when it was, all the right people got involved. It's like a family.
My experience at New Brighton Area School District. was over all great! I attended New Brighton Area School District k-12. Anyway, I feel this is a wonderful school and if I was to stay in Beaver county, I would choose New Brighton Area School District for my children. Due to the fact they care for the students. Having many activities, clubs and organizations for the students. They also have high standards for academics. Like having classes for the subject that you are having trouble in with out messing with your credits. Which help me get to where I am now. Also, they have some amazing staff members. New Brighton Area School District had once a month drills including weather and intruder drills. So, the safety is excellent. However if I could change a few things about this school is that the food is terrible and they do not prepare you enough for college.
There needs to be more emphasis on college readiness overall. Generally speaking, certain courses lack the rigor that reflects college-level academics. As a result, many students have inflated GPA's that do not mirror their potential at college. There is no diversity as well, however, that lays in the racial diversity of the area rather than the fault of the school.
Fanastic and excellent and i wouldn't trade it for the world and it is time well spent in the school district.
This school district has always been somewhat welcoming. The faculty was always nice; however, the students did not seem as inviting as hoped.
It was overall an okay school, and there are definitely some really good faculty members available, but it did not make for an amazing experience. I feel like more attention should be put into maintaining the infrastructure, as a lot of improvement needs done. More academic opportunities should be available too!
Great school, safe environment. Teachers are great. They care about the students. This school offers many clubs both academic and for a variety of different interests. Students encouraged to get involved.
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