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New Braunfels Independent School District Reviews

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New Braunfels High School is an average HS. It is the first and oldest HS in New Braunfels, TX. There are many good, involved, energetic teachers and there are many who seem to be "putting in their time". I was fortunate to have mostly of the first kind.
New Braunfels Independent School District was the only district I attended so it always has been home to me. I appreciated the integrity the district helped instilling in each student. One thing I was not happy about was the preparation for college. I feel like the district could have provided more information and classes to get high school students ready for college or a higher education program.
I loved new braunfels high school, all the students and teachers are very caring and generous. My time there has been the best ever. Its truly an amazing school!
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I love how welcoming some students are. When I first moved here, I knew no one. But at school, I found some really great people. I really would like to see more interaction with the students. The counselors have MANY communication issues that need fixing. They also need to fix their relationships with students.
I thought it was a decent school. Would like to see changes to some things. Like for example, the art department gets pushed to the back burner for too much to the point where students have to bring materials from home to make decent projects. On the topic of classes, endorsements are terrible. My endorsement doesn't even much what I'm doing. My career choice is an unfortunate mix between two, so they had to throw me into one and screw up my entire schedule.
I like that the school district has done a good job fulfilling the wishes of the parents, for instance ramping up school security and hiring SROs for the secondary schools. I wish the district was a little better at effective communication.
I loved the new building and the excellent teachers there! Every teacher I had was always very helpful as long as I applied myself.
student & parent involvement is excellent but there is multiple things that could be fixed. sports are a big but i think the teachers & admin need to do a better job at keeping the students in line.
I graduated from New Braunfels High School in 2017,and my overall experience in this district was average. The academics weren't awful,but the building itself was falling apart (leaking roof,mold in ceilings,etc). Administration would prefer to put money into unnecessary technology,rather than into resources that actually help students excel. The JROTC program was phenomenal,but the football and theater programs appeared to be lacking.
New Braunfels has been my home for 18 years and I wouldn't change that for anything. I was given an amazing life with little struggles. I made many friends and hold many memories close to my heart.
Being a student at New Braunfels High School has partially shaped me to be the person I am now. Knowing I will be safe everyday is a major reason why I love the school.
I would like to see a lot of educational standards raised. Some teachers do not give 100% when teaching. Teaching should be a teachers first priority. They went to school for an extra four years to be able to do what they are doing and some are just blowing it off.
I like the welcoming environment of New Braunfels High School and while the facilities and culture may not be the best, it offers an above average learning environment. I would like to see the facilities updated and cleaned up a little bit.
New Braunfels ISD is an interesting School District, and unfortunately the teachers you receive will make or break you. There are a number of well qualified teachers in the school that understand the curriculum very well, and display an obvious love for teaching, but for every perfect teacher there lurks a teacher who is only present for the money. They are merely parrots mimicking what the course description requires they teach. Despite all this, the overall atmosphere in the school is very positive, and there is a clear community among classmates.
The school works wonderfully to make sure that I have the classes needed for graduation, the front office is always polite, and the NBISD is always concerned the students safety. However, I would like to the high school make an advancement in their technology. We unfortunately have many issues with the wifi provided, plumbing issues, and shortage of it seems on paper. I understand that the school needs to watch it's spending, but I would hope the school would see some students work better on paper compared to the iPads.
I would definitely like a more understanding environment right now currently the administration just listens to the teachers and Penalizes the students purely because of the fact they are teachers and students have no voice when it comes to this because apparently “y’all are just teenagers that don’t know what y’all think or talk about”
Just moved here, so far I really do like these schools!!! They challenge my kids, and the people I take to while registering them, seem to have the same goals set for my kids as I do!!
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I think that the use of the ipads was a good idea because it reduces the use of paper and it helps parents to save money on school supplies.
Great school! Non-existent violence, energetic atmosphere and tons of school spirit. New Braunfels high school was definitely a wonderful experience and would highly recommend families to enroll their children at that institution.
its lit there from bigdaddy-nevaehlara and everybody is nice and the teachers are cool and we do lots of things u get to have the time of your life and get educated and have fun and theres all friends that are there for you aj justin desi
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