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New Bloomfield R-III School District Reviews

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Great bonds between students and teachers. Good academic accomplishments. Needs to improve on more sporting activities and lunch food.
This school has been awesome with working with me and my disability! The only thing that I would change is their anti bullying policy; they have one but don’t enforce it.
This school tries, in my time there they did very well. The teachers were caring, and tried to help as much as they could. This is a small town school, most issues that were experienced I would blame on this fact.
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I've been a student at New Bloomfield for about four years now, this year being my last. I can honestly say that going to New Bloomfield has been nothing but an amazing experience for me. They have a fantastic staff and fun, welcoming students. The classes are pretty good; I just wish that they had more options to choose from, as well as more Honors classes (we only have one Honors class). They have many sports and clubs you can join, which is nice, considering the fact that I'm in a lot of these clubs and activities. Overall, I love New Bloomfield. I don't regret going there.
What I liked most about New Bloomfield High School was that it was a small school and you got to know everyone. You could make friends better and everyone was involved in some kind of organization. What I would like to see change, is letting the seniors have a little more freedom because it is there last year and you always want to make your last year of high school the best. Something that I would like to see added is more activities for the students. More group challenges to get the students to interact with different types of students instead of them staying within their social group and try to get them out of their comfort zone.
I have attended this school since I was in Kindergarten and I would like to say my experience it had its ups and downs. Over the years I was lucky enough to have meant some really nice teachers that would do anything for their students, but there was a few teachers that made the school experience a little difficult. Overall New Bloomfield R-III School District is nice small school for parents who want their child to be mentally and physically safe.
I like going to New Bloomfield because most of the teachers there are willing to help you if you ask for assistance.
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