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A poorly run district that is hostile to students who deviate from the standard in any way (both special needs and academically accelerated) and aggressively hostile to teachers and parents who do not align with the administration's agenda. The gifted program has been a joke for decades, with board members at various times suggesting the district "opt out" of state regulations. If you believe public schools should be used as props for the state GOP's anti-public school agenda, this may be the district for you. If you're hoping for a district that respects and encourages education and educators, rather than a slavish devotion to standardized testing and the collection of data that is never acted upon, look elsewhere.
There is a large problem in the district where it likes to hide its problems to stay clean. When bullying occurs or any kind of misconduct occurs they write it off and us a sheet of paper saying to stay away. they don't like to get rid of bullies but give them more chances to harass other students
We feel her daughter got a good education here. However we really did not like how they taught math at the school. It seems as though the teacher never taught, they relied on a group study method and working out of the book that didn’t even explain problems. The guidance counselor‘s were very very good. They went over and above I think what a guidance counselor should do. Their sports and coaches were also very good too. I would recommend the school district in the future to other people
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It was a really fun experience but we were also focused on academics. It was always fun to go to all the sporting events. The academics were challenging but it pushed us to learn more and pass more tests. The teachers and administrators were nice and pushed us to do more.
Great teachers. By far the most caring people out there passionate about student success. Many of their faculty consistently go above and beyond to meet the needs of the students. At SDNB, you really should “Expext Excellence”
Good acedemics. Well rounded school.
Good college preparation. Offers alot of ap opportunities and college credit courses.
I have been at this school for 4 years and have had an overall decent experience. I am involved in a-lot of clubs and activities that my school offers. I feel as though I am ready for college and the staff has prepared me well
If you are just looking at the levels of classes they offer it's good. The teachers are for the most part helpful. The students on the other hand are secluded into their own little friend groups.
The school district of New Berlin is overall a good school district. At Eisenhower, teachers and staff prep students for college and focus on college and career readiness. The school is not very diverse though, including opportunities and more resources for all students and including mental health resources that are easily accessible to everyone would greatly improve the school.
The New Berlin school district is a safe environment that promotes academic achievement. Advanced courses are offered to students who excel; basically every AP course is offered. If you take all the classes in a subject at Eisenhower, you can even go to a nearby college and take courses there. I am currently taking differential equations at UW Marquette. Most of the teachers in my school are great. They are funny and make classes interesting. They don't discriminate, and want everyone to succeed. The environment is very safe; there is virtually no bullying at New Berlin Eisenhower. The New Berlin school district is just all around excellent.
New berlin school district is a very college prep school district. The best thing about New Berlin School District is that it prepares you for college through all the essays, college prep courses, educational requirements, and the internships. However, growing in a school district being the minority I felt welcomed. However, they're were times during history classes I felt uncomfortable and wished my school was more diverse. Overall, as for as education, New Berlin School District taught me a lot.
The teachers are amazing however there is alot that goes over the staff's heads like bullying kids are to afraid to stand up and billy's are smart enough not to get caught.
I would like to see a change in the schedule, the way they have the classes sectioned off by how more middle school classes should be down stairs and high school should be more up stairs only, the food is terrible and needs impovement.
New Berlin is the perfect community to be in as it entails an amazing mixture of great schools, friendly people, and a variety of events and places to go! One thing I would change about New Berlin is the involvement and action taken in New Berlin West Club leaders. With more dedicated and active leaders (teachers) leading these clubs, the same traits would be inherited by the students and more change for the school and community could happen. But growing up in New Berlin for most of my life, I have learned to participate in community service to connect with the people, families, and businesses around me, through having a major role in various clubs at New Berlin West such as National Honors Society, DECA, and SALU. Transitioning to West from Poplar Creek was also a major step as is in most kids lives. Entering middle school gave me more responsibility, and going into high school took lots of weight off my shoulders since our middle and high schools are combined.
I like how Eisenhower has a wide variety of classes for kids to take, but I wish they had more options for language classes and maybe a hoe economic class. It seems like the district cares more about sports than they do about academics though because they always have assemblies for sports teams, but they have never had one for Academic Decathlon or Deca or Hosa. The school itslef in terms of students and teachers are not extremely diverse. A lot of people seem (in my opinion) close minded and even self centered. The school is good in terms of academics though (like score wise).
Amazing teachers who are always willing to help you in your time of need. Lo6s of classes that help prepare you for life. Offers a large variety of AP classes to help with the cost of college
It is a very good school however they do an achievement based grading system making it extremely hard to earn an A especially if you are not a teachers favorite.
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Very good schools, but too much focus on the school as a whole rather than on the individuals who go there
They offer a lot of college dual enrollment classes, I went into college with a handful of credits that knocked off time for my nursing program.
New Berlin West is a safe learning environment full of staff that are ready to help and hopeful to see you succeed.
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