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I arrived at new bedford high school in grade 10 of georgia, I felt strange and I missed my friends but all the teachers were good to me and helped me with what I did not understand since I felt more comfortable in school and so all the years until now the teachers are very good and are always there to help you in those you need to learn and progress.
It is full of divers cultures and very artistic talents.while offering a wide range of college opportunity.altho sometimes I believe school does lack control and organization,they still provide all a school can offer to students and more.i appreciate everything that new bedford schools can offer.
The teachers really push you to be your best self and offer many opportunities for extra help so you can succeed.
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I liked how New Bedford public schools was basically a family for anyone. The people you meet and the administration are people you’ll never forget. While in college now, I still find time to talk to people that I did in high school and it feels great to still have those connections. Also, I feel like the schools prepared the students not only for college but for the real world. The process seems like it is so easy to me and actually is fun. New Bedford public schools were great for me.
So the teachers need to stop sharing their personal life with the students, and teach a lesson each day. The teachers that have tenure need to have some accountability for there teaching plan. My main concern is that my child gets bored when she is not learning new and interesting lessons in her journey to higher education.
The experience hasn't been exactly bad but it hasn't been bad either. The experience is all about what you make of it. If you get involved then you will have a great experience.
The only issue I ever came across was lack of funds. Staff members were engaging and caring, you never wondered if you mattered at a school there. I am so thankful to have learned from the schools I attended.
In contrast with what many seem to believe about the public school system in New Bedford, I have never had that big of an issue here. I would definitely not characterize this school system as perfect, but growing up here has, in my opinion, actually benefitted me. I have grown up with such diversity and different types of students, teachers, and classroom environments that I feel the most prepared for almost any situation in the future.
I have been part of New Bedford Public Schools since the beginning and I am proud. The media portrays New Bedford as "ghetto" and "unsafe" but I have learned a lot. There are a handful of students and teachers that aren't necessarily great but overall I have had the majority of my teachers and faculty members teach me more than I could anywhere else. Not to mention I have a great relationship with 75% of my teachers that I look up to as mentors. Every school district has it's problems but I truly believe the good out ways the bad.
New Bedford Public Schools in general is a good public education system, however at the high school level i wish i could have had a better high school education experience. I did learn a lot in my school but i also feel as if I'm missing a lot of core values and skills needed for college and for life in general/ I will say never that there are a lot of amazing teacher and students there who will help you out in any classes. There are great ways to get involved and if you pick the right people you will have a great experience.
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