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New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated Schools Reviews

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New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated Schools is an excellent school, for there are so many opportunities and programs you can join. For example, at Floyd Central High school, there are endless amount of programs to get involved in. Furthermore, they even have programs for special needs. For example, unified flag football and unified track. The athletics in this school district are all so entertaining. With big rival schools like New Albany and Floyd Central, there is always a game to go to.
The bosco sticks are good, teachers are nice and (mostly) very encouraging. I don't really know anything about our sports teams.
Home of many Scholars, and D1/ Professional Athletes. Also home of many drop outs, degenerates. There are definite highs and lows. Has a lot of potential, but can definitely improve. Overall, It was an okay experience; nothing special.
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I love my school. There are many opportunities available. My counselors have been extremely helpful in advising me & keeping me on the right path to further my education.
I appreciate that I have had such a supportive staff to work with me through the four years I have attended here.
After graduating from New Albany High School, I realized how much I missed this school, the faculty, coaches, and opportunities I was given throughout high school. I was able to be a 4.0 student, varsity athlete, and social butterfly all 4 years. I had a diverse friend group, and really able to connect with a variety of people throughout my high school career. I will forever appreciate what this school system has done for me.
There are amazing opportunities at some of these schools that just aren't available at others. There is some inequality that exists between some of the schools within the district that is not necessarily fair.
I have been at New Albany Floyd County Schools my entire school career. I have attended two city schools as well as two county schools. I have enjoyed going to school in this district. The facilities are great. The athletics are awesome and the community is amazing.
I like the personal connection that you get with the faculty and staff, along with the nice facilities. I have been going to these schools my whole life, and they have been nothing but good to me.
Being a senior at New Albany and having the teachers I did, really helped guide me through the years and helped my grow. I know i can always count on them even if i dont have the same teachers year after year!
New Albany thrives for their students to be successful in and outside of the classrooms. Teachers and Administrators help in any way they can for the students to be successful in life.
I have been in this district for all of my education so far, and I love all of the schools I have attended.
I like that the counselors actually care and will do pretty much anything to help you. It’s a great school, because even in scary moments, we stick together and help one another. This school is also super diverse, especially compared to our “rival” school, Floyd Central. I generally have a lot of love for this high school. Everyone in my family has been to this school.
One thing that could change is to change the idea that you should just get students graduated. They need to be more prepared for the real world. Not just have things handed to them.
I went to Floyd Central high school and the students and faculty were so nice and welcoming. I didn't feel like i was in a small town, more like a big city.
New Albany Floyd County schools are an incredible school system. However, they need to begin focusing on their successful students and awarding them, instead of being hell-bent on saving students who they can’t keep out of trouble.
The school system is very nice. Their music system is amazing and at Floyd Central, the students are constantly being encouraged to do better and being offered amazing opportunities. All of our performing arts programs are award winning, particularly our orchestra and theater by winning state last year and by being sent to Nebraska respectfully. The only problem I have with the district is that the arts programs definitely could be funded more, especially with how successful they are.
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The food isn't very good. The teachers are good. We could read better things in English or do more advanced things in math.
My experience at New Albany High school was quit decent. I had several excellent teachers who have taught me a great amount of knowledge. For one, my AP Environmental science teacher, Mr. Cox, had taught the class in a way you taught yourself but he taught what was needed to know. Whilst all having connected to the class we learned a large sum about the environment and how it operated. Most teachers didn't have this affect towards me, but few did. Attending New Albany High school was a great and fun experience.
People seem to get bullied a lot, which every school has bullies. They need to actually help those students. Also, the lunch is gross. It would use some improvement. Other than that it’s great.
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