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Nevada R-V School District Reviews

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The things that Nevada lacks is, good diversity, some school culture, and of course, the widespread epidemic across all schools in America, school lunches. I feel like if Nevada had some more traditions, these downsides would be subsided, or maybe even completely wiped away; well, all the downsides accept the lunch problem.
Nevada High School is located within a tightly knit community. The main focus of NHS is involvement and success. The school does a great job of connecting with students. Although NHS does a great job of taking care of students, I would like to see water bottle fillers at Nevada High School to encourage hydration. I believe this would be a great way to make students healthier. I would definitely suggest Nevada High School.
No one cares enough to try and pass school. No one cares. The teachers suck and the school is a joke
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In all honesty, I have had a below average experience with this school. There are very few teachers who know what they are talking about and genuinely care about the students, most went in to teaching in order to be a coach. I do not believe this school prepared me for my future in any way. The athletic facilities are decent, but the athletics are poor. The district puts forth too much attention to basketball and football, when those are our most underperforming sports. Luckily, we have very good choirs.
Everyone is very closed minded; they do not like change and aren't very good with adapting to anything new. My family moved here four years ago, and we still struggle with "fitting in". They say they are open to change but turn down from it as soon as it is offered. Many of the Arts programs do not get very appreciated because the administration aren't involved in it. Extra curricular teachers never seem to see eye to eye. We are a small school so they should learn to share students; majority of them think their activity is more important than the others. It is a very cliquey school district, if you haven't grown up in there don't plan making a ton of friends.
I don't care for the experience I've had at Nevada High School. The school does not support other activities and clubs largely besides football. Quite frankly the football team sucks. They also have a lot of double standards. The dress code is not the same for everybody, and the drug procedure is not the same for everybody. I hope to see each activity supported equally, and each of the rules enforced equally on everyone.
There is a great deal of extracurricular activities and sports that this school has to offer. The band and show choir are both exceptional. The teachers, despite the many students they worth with, are extremely helpful and positive. There are many school pride activities encouraging students to get involved. The school is very diverse and accepting. Overall, it is a fantastic academic choice for you/your child.
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