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Nevada Joint Union High School District Reviews

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Our school district is very complex. While having a very low population in the cities or towns around, these small schools create somewhat of a brotherhood between students. Everyone knows everyone which is a good and bad thing depending on your reputation. This school district is all about the kids though. They offer lots of classes and try to get kids the classes they need for college. There is not a ton of diversity being in a small neighborhood however. The teachers are also very laid back but informative helping each kid with their issues. Last but not least, our administrators are very into what is new. Helping people fit in, knowing what too look for, and they are extremely nice, sincere, and easy to talk too!
Dan Frisella had a personal meeting with me in which he told me that I had to do the detentions or he was going to make sure I was put in juvenile hall. I honestly don't see how that is OK to tell someone who is under 18. It felt like a weird threat at a time, one that I was not use to receiving from someone so much older than me. When I was disappointed and annoyed with this he told me it seemed I 'had a problem with authority' when in reality I do not. I had a problem with him threatening my freedom over a very cruel punishment especially on a new student struggling with mental health.
Nevada Union is all around a very good high school but it misses a lot of key components that could motivate a student to continue excelling in their education.
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Basically the school likes to advertise that it's friendly and fun and full of spirit, but really the school is just big and it seems like people care, but most don't. A lot of the kids at the school have their own fish to fry and when teachers don't see that and give kinds a hard time, it really puts the school at a disadvantage for morale.
As a student of Nevada Union High School I am proud to wear its colors. However, with every good school, there is a dark side. In most recent years the effort to be accepting towards everyone has been a challenge. Weather it be skin color, religion, or gender related issues there are many who are not yet willing to accept many of these aspects with willing hearts. I do not believe that it is not just our school that needs to work harder to those who feel unaccepted. It must become a day to day effort that we ALL must work for, and a remembrance of ¨treat people the way you want to be treated¨. However, Nevada Union is an incredibly safe school with faculty and teachers who have a genuine care towards students. I am truly blessed to be able to look forwards to going to my school.
Its a safe place for learning. Teachers are very helpful. Band program is great. Students for the majority are welcoming. The art programs are also great. Academics are mostly good. Some teachers limit the way you learn others don't. Some rules are limiting to a students academics and can be frustrating.
Awesome! All my teachers are not only amazing, but passionate about their teaching. Nevada union teachers remind me of models for an Add about a chia seed drink. They have good advanced placement classes that are actually challenging.
Great school, but there isn't much school spirit or pride so it makes it hard to participate. I have never had a bad experience with teachers and all are very supportive. There are many options for support.
Nevada Union is a very good school! I feel like it is a safe and comfortable place to learn. The campus is always clean and they just fixed the parking lot and replaced the stairs to the front of the school. All of the teachers I've had were really nice!
It was great. Some teachers need to keep their opinions to themselves. I believe from a students point of view opinions aren’t going to help us learn the materials.
I spent my entire highschool time at NU. Though there are some very amazing and kind teachers some of them did not care for their job what so ever. My math teachers made me miserable and the overall administrative staff seemed completely lost with how to deal with the students. The school was very focused on their sports presence that a lot of the Art programs had to rely on their own booster clubs. Diversity wise you could say this school was like a salt shaker with a few specks of pepper. The only departments that seemed to really care about what they were doing was the AP and the Preforming and visual arts which is the only reason im giving this school and average score.
Nevada Union is a fairly typical American high school. The focus is predominantly on sports and school community, arts and events. There is a lesser focus on academics as opposed to other schools. The atmosphere can be hectic but the employees care deeply about success.
I liked some of the teachers at our schools, but there are many that do not try to teach their students. The administration tend to be nice, but they need to pay more attention to how much their teachers actually teach their classes.
Nevada Union High School prepares and excites the young mind about the future. It encourages the continuation to a four year college and educates about the bright future after attending one. I fell in love with this high school for the teachers, the humanities program, the clubs, and the all around community feel. I built long lasting relationships with students and teachers, both of which reinforced my enthusiasm to continue studying in the health science field and receive a bachelor's degree from a four-year college. My photography club and I went on several road trips to San Francisco, Berkeley, Fort Bragg, and more which happened to be some of the best days of my life. The physics club I was a part of took up our hour long lunch periods to discuss the most fascinating topics we could think of, purely for the fun of it. I will always recommend Nevada Union High School.
The teacher very willing to help with all problems. Their are many different kinds of people and you will make friends very easily with many different clicks. You can be your self and feel comfortable. The food could be better, also could work on the food service.
I liked a lot about Nevada Union, overall. I attended all four years of high school at Nevada Union, and while I enjoyed my time here, there were definite drawbacks. I think primarily the frustration among the student body with Nevada Union is the lack of diversity- both in academics and population. There's a lot of like minded people around here, which has its perks, but hinders the educational opportunities that we as students want.
My personal experience in the Nevada Joint Union High School District (NJUHSD) was different than most students because I attend Ghidotti Early College High School. However, I found Ghidotti was the most amazing opportunity for high school students. It offered outstanding academic courses and pathways for young students and college readiness like no other school in the district, because you already are in college! If you're looking for a high school, look no further than William and Marian Ghidotti Early College High School in the NJUHSD.
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It’s a phenomenal school with many hard working kids and teachers. A change the school needs is simply more spirt.
I love the teachers and staff. They go the extra mile to make learning fun. They are there to help you with anything you need. I look forward to going to school each day because I know that I'm going to learn something new and that is exciting to me. I hope I have the opportunity to thank them and let them know how much they have helped me along the way.
Lot's of extra curriculars. The teachers were amazing, but there was a lot of bullying. It is a very big campus, but they try to accomodate the time time it takes to get around during breaks.
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