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Nettleton School District Reviews

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Nettleton School is small, but it feels like home. Everyone makes you feel welcome. Very family friendly.... and the teachers go out their way to help you.
Geared more toward college preparedness. More involvement by the community. They also need more resources for the students and teachers. And more activities for the students.
I grew up going to Nettleton school district. I love Nettleton. I will surely miss it as I get older,and move away from this place. It was a great place to grow up in. I feel like I’m pretty prepared for college and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do in life.
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From the time I started nettleton school til now, it’s been interesting. I think some the academics could be changed by being more engaging.
Nettleton is a good school with some good teachers most of which who actually care about not only your grades but also you as an individual. The only down side to Nettleton school district is that we did not have a lot of money. Therefore, we couldn’t not afford to have a very nice facility. I would hope that sometime in the near future they invest in improving the school.
This district needs more diversity and college preparedness. I feel as if most students are not ready for college, community or university, when they leave the campus.
Teachers don't teacher good and they are to strict with dress code and to strict with phones and they are more distracted on those rules than they are our grades
I like the Nettleton School District because it is not that big so the teachers can help the students more and have more time for one on one studying. The food here could be a little better but that's all that could change.
There has been so many teachers that has just not cared about the students or anything. Then there are some who give their all so students can succeed in furthering their education and life. One thing I hope to see change is students can actually sit down and talk one on one with each other about a class or something they don't understand.
Overall nettleton has been a great nigh school to attend, but our staff needs to change some of their ways. For example, I am taking a course through icc, Spanish, and the school was suppose to buy my book for me and I got it last week, the week of my midterm, so there are things that can be done differently, but all in all my experience has been great. It has been great because I have made great friends, and I have had some great teachers teach me not only adademics, but also great life lessons.
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