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Nettleton School District is a district that is slowing coming into the new age of modern technology. It, not a bad school but it can be improved in the major areas.
What I loved about my school is that all the staff are always there to help you, including the janitors and the lunch staff. It’s a warm and loving school. No matter what kind of situation your going through, someone is always there willing to provide their help. #RaiderPrideIsJustified
The reason why i like nettleton school district is because you can be yourself and it feels like a big family. And the games at nettleton are ways good. The everything is so nice and clean. The NTV is soo funny is so funny and different than other schools
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They are have great teachers who want to better their students and the school has so much pride. It is also very diverse.
The Nettleton District has a good variety of restaurants from fast food to sit-ins. There are many kinds of people living in this area. It has a good mix of white, African Americans, Hispanics, and mixed races. They have a many churches too. They have all different kinds of denominations. Allen Park is near by too. It is where children can go play on the play ground or in the water park. In Allen Park, there is a gymnasium in which many kids play basketball or volleyball.
I have been at Nettleton since I was in kindergarten. I have always enjoyed my school. They encourage you to join clubs, get involved, and meet new people. Nettleton has helped shape me into the person that I am today. I joined out EAST program and went from barely being able to hold a conversation with someone to speaking in front of hundreds of people. My school is very inclusive and for the most part everyone gets along. I would recommend this school to anyone asking.
Nettleton is a great school. I've been at Nettleton since kindergarten. I don't think I could have had a better experience at any other school.
Nettleton provided a safe, fun, and diverse education environment. The school provided almost all the necessary resources for each student to learn at their own pace. I would advise teachers to reach out to students more, especially those who are not involved in any clubs or sports and encourage them to become more involved.
I enjoyed Nettleton High School. The teachers and staff are very friendly and I felt prepared for college.
I was an active member of Parent Teacher Student Association during my son's kindergarten to second-grade years before public meetings discontinued due to lack of parents' participation. We continued via online. I am a member of the Nettleton Education Foundation. I currently serve as Vice-President. I have and is still enjoying the work relationship with the administration and fellow participating parents.
I loved my time at Nettleton and I thin it really prepared me for the real world. We were very diverse which I loved and it really shows you all walks of life, and how differently people live from myself. Our sports were very school involved and I loved that. Everyone from the school came to sporting events and really supported. The school as a whole really supported each other in whatever it was weather it be sporting events, a death within the school, or academics. Nettleton was a great school filled with amazing people.
I like that we have good teachers and the way they teach us. I wish we can change how we pay for things.
I personally liked the people that I had the privilege to meet. The only thing I would change is the lunches. The food was the same every other day.
I liked the people and the teachers who teached or are currently teaching at Nettleton. They are all respectful and they are always helpful. My experience at Nettleton has been fun and enjoyable. I wish that they would change the rule about not having headphones in the hallway, but other than that it has be a joy to be a RAIDER.
Nettleton is an overall amazing school district. The bond and love for one another is expressed greatly.
Nettleton school district is very diverse but at the end of the day the school district is like a big family
Nettleton High School has provided great memories over the course of my time here. The only negative I can think of is the lunch food, but then again public high schools are notorious for that.
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Nettleton was overall a great experience. Yes, there are some areas that lack, just like any other school, but the quality of education, friendships, and memories that are made there make up for all of them.
The Nettleton School District offers a diverse community of students, and hosts a level of advanced academics that rival larger schools in the area. I have never regretted attending Nettleton, as the school has given me experiences and connections that I will always be thankful for. The teachers that have taught me over the years have been mentors in and outside of the classroom for me, preparing me for the future and supporting me in all of my endeavors. I could not have asked for a better community and a more supportive school district.
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