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Neshaminy School District Reviews

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I am a Neshaminy Graduate, my parents went through the school district as well. My children are all in a Neshaminy school now. All of these generations have loved all schools attended, teachers and principals we have had as well as programs offered.
As a parent of two students we have been very happy with the district. The teachers and administration have been very good and supportive of both of my kids. I would recommend the district to anyone in the area. They have a fantastic music program and their academics push the students to reach their highest academic success.
Honestly I enjoyed the school experience here a lot, but like everything there could always be some fair improvements. The public school system is fantastic for its type and I love the hospitality, although I believe the athletic and guidance system could use some work.
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Neshaminy is a great district. It has a good atmosphere and some amazing teachers and opportunities. However, at all of the schools I have been at there have been a few teachers that were awful, but there are amazing teachers and support to make your time here worthwhile.
Everyone has their basic complaints about high school, but looking back I'd have to say that this is a wonderful school. It has a great mix of teachers, a very involved student body, and a collection of staff members who contribute to the success of the school. The layout is simple enough to follow and the resources in the school can actually be extremely helpful. Not only that, but there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and make new friends. Also, there is a quality system set up to help transfer students. Overall this school will grant you plenty of opportunities to create long-lasting friendships and memories you'll never forget.
I enjoy going to Neshaminy High school. The teachers are mostly all friendly and don’t hesitate to offer help to students in need. Whether it be academic struggles or making life and career choices, they usually give great advice and look out for their students. The variety of courses available for all students is wonderful and I cannot thank the school
enough for making these abundant opportunities available to us.
I love attending this school and participating in all of the activities this school has to offer! The teachers are excellent and very supportive!
I joined the school in my junior year. The students are not the most welcoming but also not rude. Nobody cares about what others are doing. The teachrs are great.
Neshaminy was my home away from home. I found ways to stay busy from after school curriculums to preparing myself for college. With out Neshaminy, I would not be who I am today.
I loved Neshaminy High School but I feel like it could improve in diversity and safety. I am different than many people in Neshaminy, and for that I feel like I am not accepted by many people who i go to school with. Safety can also be improved by having more security.
It was alright. It could have been better. I honestly can not wait to graduate at this point. The school gets on my nerves. I don’t know if it’s the people in it or what but four years there is four too many.
There was not a unique experience from other schools. There are many wonderful teachers but also very questionable ones. There are plenty of different kinds of people at Neshaminy, which prevents minorities from bullying. The academic courses are very well done, so long as the teachers teach it in a engaging way. I wish there had been more emphasis on clubs besides sports and theater. There is only average college preparation, most students get information from other students rather than the faculty.
I love everything about neshaminy high school. I have made alot of friends. Enjoyed gym night every year. They prepared me for college. Felt very safe at school everyday. The school had good security. Even the parking lots they had secutity.
Teachers are awful and greedy. The majority only care about doing the minimum to receive their overpriced paychecks. Curriculum seems to be changing in the younger grades and is a bit more confusing than it was 10 or so years ago. Sports are the only good thing about the school. Football team does well and track & field does well along with soccer most years. Would not recommend moving into district if you want your child to have a outstanding education.
I will never forget my years at Neshaminy High School. I did many clubs and sports that allowed me to make many friends and memories. Many teachers that I had were very helpful and helped push me to reach my full potential. One of the best parts about Neshaminy is Gym Night, which is a night of dancing and games with one side of the school vs the other.
Overall it was okay. There were some great teachers and loads of AP courses to take, but the foreign language and tech-ed departments are virtually nonexistent. In order to be prepared for college and have a good highschool experence you have to work to get yourself into the right classes and surround yourself by the right people.
I loved every single experience I had at Neshaminy. From the football games to the school dances to the insane amount of clubs and sports offered, it is a great place for a week-rounded high school experience. The teachers and coaches are fantastic and really prepare you well for outside experiences. There is little to no bullying and everyone is so nice.
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The environment is very friendly and the teachers are always there for you when you need help. The high school offers many extracurricular activities and tries to get everyone involved.
my experience was great. I had a great time doing activities like gym night and world language club. The district embraced diversity and encouraged everyone to be more tolerated and to think outside the box to solve a problem. This is like a small community where everyone tries to get along.
Neshaminy has been a home to me for the last four years of my high school life and I wouldn’t want to go to any other school
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