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Neptune Township School District Reviews

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The school will be a great tool for you if you are gifted or in AP. I was very involved in extra-curriculars and sports. I was never at risk due to these factors.
I wasn't really at the high school, but I thought it was alright for when I was there. I would like to see that the vending machines are open to all students not just after school. That the bathrooms aren't always locked, but to have someone monitor them. Also that there are more seats at lunch and more food options at least change once a year.
Neptune Township School district l is very diverse school district.I love how there's various different elementary school. This school district has a lot of
opportunities for those willing to succeed. Their partnerships with Brookdale Community College is one of those opportunities. I am lucky to be apart of the Poseidon Early College High School program, which is a dual enrollment program where you graduate and earn an associates degree with your high school diploma.
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I loved the teachers I had but I coulnt help but feel they were abused by the administration by constantly fueding over expired contracts and being rather petty about absenses even during family emergencies. Well funded sports and arts programs are really what made this school great for me and allowed me to thrive. Their partnerships with Brookdale Community College where I now attend significantly benefits this schools lower income students.
I’ve went through every level of Neptune public schools ( pre-K to senior year) and Neptune was a great experience. The teachers/staff, facilities, sports and clubs are all amazing.
Neptune High School is a diverse school that seems to prioritize athletics more than the arts. However, as a student in the arts, I wish that more attention could be given to the drama department, art club, and band. From what I have witnessed, there is neglect towards the arts department in my school, with the marching band using the same uniforms for more than 20 years but the football team getting new equipment every few years. However, I do see that athletics bring our school together. There may be fights in the lunchroom, but when the whole school is there for the Homecoming Game or the semi-finals for boys basketball, we all pay attention to the work being put in by our athletes and cheer for them no matter what. Being an athlete in Neptune High School brings you honor, respect, and school pride, but as a person in the arts who plays a saxophone in all the bands our school has to offer, I wish to also be given the same adoration as those who catch or throw a ball.
Neptune Township School District is an amazing district, filled with faculty who love to do their jobs and enjoy being around students. I've received such a great academic experience from the staff and faculty, and have always loved to enjoy school. The staff makes sure to benefit every student, and keep everyone involved.
I liked the diversity of the school (C/o 2016) but as a teenager there weren't enough fun school activities to keep a lot of us out of trouble. There was no homecoming dance or fun and inclusive pep rallies.
Being in this school district for my entire academic career, I can verily say that this school district brings a lot of potential for those willing to succeed. There’s potential everywhere here, one just has to have the willingness and support to find it. Why this community is usually falsely labeled as a terrible community, this is not the case. It is quite diverse and full of pride. However, in the same sense it is also easy to slip up and fall in this community without proper guidance. Walking into my senior year (2018-2019), I firmly believe that this town will show everyone what a great place it can be.
Neptune is a good high school the teachers are nice, and very helpful. The students there are very kind as well. The guidance counselor are exceptional, they get you to open up and help you throughout the year to get you to graduate, or be there if you need to talk to someone
Neptune is a great school with many opportunities and chances to grasp , yet not everyone does fulfill whats offered. Those are the ones who give the perception our school isnt good at all.
I would like to see more effort towards our sports and school activities. School spirit is not the best right now since we do not have dances and our sports teams aren't the best. So I think we all need to put in effort to fix it .
I liked how short the school days were after they switched to block scheduling. I also love that the school is newly renovated and that there are plenty of programs for students. It shows that our town cares about our school district. I would like to see the amount of fights change to none but that it out of the schools' hands.
Neptune HS afforded me a positive academic career. Located in an urban neighborhood, the program offers many extra curricula activities that I was able to take advantage of. My experience was positive . I have a strong work ethic which contributed to my success. I found teachers to be caring and vested in my success. My counselors are very committed to my success.
My experience at Neptune High School was quite interesting, it was a rough school to go to. I have seen a lot crazy things most people don't see in school such as gang violence, stabbings and constant fights. Most people from my graduating class aren't going to college and will most likely live in Neptune for the rest of their life. But even though it had its bad sides it was also good because it allowed me to keep an open mind about people. There were so many different kinds of people and everyone was accepting of people being different. Interracial couples were the norm and gays never were trapped in the closet. It had days were I was definitely scared but it gave me such an open mind when it came to accepting people who are different.
The things I like about Neptune school district are that it is very diverse. You get to me so many different and new people. The things I would like to see changed are discipline in college readiness.
Neptune has a lot to offer, but it is easy to get lost in the wrong crowd. The guidance department and teachers want to help students succeed, but students have to be seeking for their assistance. Over the last four years, the school's dynamic has changed considerably.
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I have been at Neptune High School for about 1 year. The school personally is not one of my favorites because the students don't provide a fun friendly environment. The schools curriculum is challenging at times which makes me test a lot of my skills and helps me sharpen my skills. The guidance counselor really help the senior and underclassmen with whatever is need. My guidance counselor made sure I took every test that was given and that I attended college fairs.
A much as people complain about my school district I could never imagine myself at a different high school. I loved my teachers and the resources made available to me. I love all the opportunities available and how there's always someone ready to help you.
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