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Neosho School District is amazing! Neosho Schools are one of the best in Missouri, and that is a fact. We have the some of the best choirs, debate teams, and sports. If you are looking to move, move here! We love growth in Neosho!
I love the teachers at Neosho High School. The teachers are always helping students with issues in class and outside of class. My English teacher took an entire day to discuss applying for federal student loans. I also enjoy the schedule. We get out at 3 PM.
This town is ran by cliches and your student will suffer if you do not devote your life to the parental cults. Children cannot have bad days and are expected to make the staffs jobs easy. There are no resources for children that may struggle. I have witnessed and addressed unethical, unsafe and immoral behavior from the staff and when contacting administration my concerns of the staffs actions were not even looked into. The food is moldy and a lack of lunch options as well. Carver elementary have some good teachers and the principal and assistant principal are great. I have to dig deep to find district compliments outside of Carver. It seems the ones who love the district have no experience with another district and are bias.
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I loved growing up and going to Neosho High School. The main reason for that being, that the small town feel carried over to the school; while there was a lot of students, teachers still took the time to get to know each student. I was able to form close bonds with several of my teachers while in high school, and greatly appreciated their time and advice they gave me throughout the years. I feel I got a good education from teachers that were well educated in their subjects, and knew how to best teacher the subject matter to me. Overall, it was a great experience and I love NHS.
I've been in the Neosho School District since Kindergarten. Anytime I have any sort of issue with anything, the faculty and administration always do their very best to take care of it! I feel most of the teacher truly care about their students and their students' learning.
A district with some amazing teachers and professionals surrounded by a lot of teachers for whom teaching is just a job or who are so new to their career that they lack the vision and the experience to know what is possible. At Neosho, the sky is NOT the limit. The limit is largely set by the perceptions/limited life experiences of teachers and administrators. Both of whom are mainly white, middle class, able bodied & Christian. Students from families with low social standing, living in poverty, having a disability (requiring services), and to some extent racial or religious minorities are segregated into their "own" peer groups, especially at lunch. Sports performance and social standing of the family in the community are the two ways students can be viewed as more capable and worthy of extra teacher time/energy.
I have grown up in the Neosho School District. I love the sense of pride the district takes in Academic Scholars.
Neosho is a character building atmosphere, driven to see students achieve their fullest potential. From a wide array of extracurriculars to academically challenging honors courses, Neosho strives for each student to excel. My children have had excellent opportunities and teachers who have become friends inside and outside of the classroom!
My spouse works for the Neosho School District and it has proved to be a wonderful, supportive community of professionals and friends.
I like the small town atmosphere and the closeness of the school district. Almost all of the teachers I have had were nice, helpful, and it was apparent that they genuinely cared about the safety and well-being of their students. However, the facilities of the school district could be improved. The highschool is small for the the number of students attending, and a few elementary schools, like Central Elementary for example, are very old and have little money for the students. I would like to see this improved, but then again a lot of that problem comes back to taxpayer money not being as much as needed.
The community supports the school district, but there have been numerous rumors that are unsettling.
Being a part of the Neosho School District has been a pretty good experience for me. From kindergarten to high school, I have had a gamut of excellent teachers. The academics, athletics, and various clubs are all pretty good, so my overall experience with the district has been rather pleasant.
This is my final year at Neosho High school and I can say, with my whole heart, that I love my school. There are of course times when things could go better or just be handled better, but for the most part my high school experience has been made a thousand times better because of the friendships and mentors I have gained through the years. My teachers have all been nothing but supportive of me, along with the counselors and administrators. There isn't a single faculty member in my school that would turn me away if I ever just needed someone to listen. It has taught me how I should be towards other people and shown me that there are genuinely good people in this world.
Went to check out my son's classroom and it was a whole different scene. It just make my son want to go school more because the design of the classroom makes it looks so comfortable and so fun.
Not having attended any other high school, I can say that while Neosho R-V does lack resources and amenities found elsewhere, it is not in fact a horrible place to attend like many students there think it is
When I attended Neosho schools, the teachers did a good job of making sure you understood what they were teaching. However, I believe Neosho and other schools should offer classes to help prepare you for life after high school, things that will help as an adult living on your own, like taxes, budgeting, etc.
I enjoyed many faculty members who made many strides to make students feel comfortable in the school. Additionally, many clubs and organizations helped students take opportunities that better prepare them for life after high school. Neosho provides many advanced courses for higher achieving students and also concept classes for students who lagged behind. The one thing I would suggest for the Neosho High School is to start school later. I've noticed that, in comparison to other schools in the area, Neosho starts their classes rather early in the morning.
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I like that although there are cliques, most everyone gets along. Nobody is excluded, and the "cliques" tend to mix together. Most of the teachers care about your success and want you to enjoy learning. The district has also started paying more attention to extra-curricular activities such as: band, theater, art club, etc. It is greatly appreciated that they do this because it boosts the students' confidence and helps them to work harder and do even better because they are recognized.
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