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Nelsonville-York City School District Reviews

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I've went to this school district ever since I was little, the academics have not prepared me for life outside of Nelsonville as they do not offer any higher level courses
Nelsonville-York City School District deserve a three star rating. Nelsonville-York is a well maintained and a very good local school. The school has amazing teachers who form bonds with all students allowing them to look forward to going to school. The teachers provide excellent education to students preparing them for a better chance in life.
My experience with Nelsonville-York School District was wonderful. The teachers and admin staff are focused on quality education in a safe environment. They allow students traditional means of education as well as non-traditional methods. Educational plans can be tailored to the student for maximum success of the student and the students future educational goals. Teachers are dedicated to educating students and preparing them for secondary education. All in all it has been a great place to attend school.
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Nelsonville-York is a very community-oriented school. This can be a good and a bad thing. The community is very involved in sports and things of that nature. I wish that more of the community's time was spent adding clubs, specifically art clubs to the school. This school is in dire need of an actual drama club and art club. I feel like focusing on those sort of activites are just as important as focusing on sports and putting all of the school's time and energy into that.
The school is very clean and ya know I go here. My team is 10-0 in footbal that deserves good rating.
I graduated from Nelsonville a few years back. I didnt have a bad experience at Nelsonville but I graduated with over a 4.0 GPA but never studied and dont feel like I was challenged properly. Now I'm in college and struggling a bit.
I attended NYHS as a Junior and Senior only. The teachers all impacted me in some way and the curriculum was challenging.
Nelsonville-York is a wonderful school district that I had the opportunity to be apart of for 13 years. The teacher have students in their best interest, students get along well, the community is tightly knit, and the school system is an all around fun environment. Nelsonville is a great place and has flaws like any other school therefore I did not give it a 5 star rating. There always a few teachers, few students, and few things that make schools less great but overall I 10/10 recommend Nelsonville-York
I liked that things were relaxed for all grade levels, and that teachers actually cared about students and where they were going, compared to some other school districts in the Southeastern Ohio area, where they don't really care and don't offer any education worthwhile having.
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