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I have been going to Nelson County Public schools my whole childhood and I must say there are been good and bad. The lunches aren't the best they could be better if you get an early lunch your good late lunch well lets just say you might starve the rest of the day. The good thing about school is that is Automotive program and the Building trades program being more hands on then just having to sit there in a class and listen to the teach talk to you the whole time your there.
I would like to see more community involvement and outreach, supporting our youth ensures a better tomorrow.
I like how small Nelson County is because it really feels like everyone cares about each other and when something bad happens, the entire community comes together like a big family!
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Excellent school division with caring staff members and a supportive community. I have two high school students and have been in all the schools and involved. I believe in the saying - It Takes a Village to Raise a Child - and this is very true within this community. We have had our church, our neighbors, teachers, coaches, administrators, citizens get involved with our children and support the schools to assure all students have a very positive experience. We give a rating of Excellent based on our experience. We want to continue to support the school division.
I've been attending Nelson County public schools for my entire life and they have helped me a lot. I would like to see diversity and some administration change.
Some teachers care and some don't at all. Kids will be kids mentality which tears up the school. Where it might be close to home, it isn't really the Best education there could be.
Great teachers, a strong agriculture program, good sports except for football, but the school is working on growing the football program. The school and facilities are pretty good, there is an older part of the school. There isn't a great deal of diversity in the school.
Nelson County Schools did not have the best math or science teachers. Learning material isn’t the easiest if you depend on the teacher to be there to help. However, NCPS offers lots of dual enrollment and advanced placement classes as well as offering a program to get your associates degree. For that, I am thankful that I go to NCPS.
I attended Nelson County Public schools throughout my life. I encountered many amazing teachers as well as fellow students. Although there were some teachers that did not have the students best interest in mind, there were those few who would go out of the way just to make sure I had food in my tummy and someone to talk to.
Very peaceful place. Rare signs of bullying or fights. Well educated staff and faculty. Very high test scores.
The teachers are fair and very nice. However, like most of the students I am not a huge fan of a lot of the new policies being put into place. Overall I highly recommend the school and have very much enjoyed my experience so far.
My experience with Nelson County High School has had it's ups and downs. One of the many great things about Nelson is, there of plenty helpful teachers. They are all willing to help you, and want to see you succeed. One of the down falls of Nelson would be the guidance counselors, they just sit there and do nothing. They could careless about what classes you need to take and what classes you actually need to be in. For example I should have been in all college classes but they refused to test me for them. So I, as a High School student did it over the summer with the help of my parents. My parents and I were the ones who got me in those classes. Also, the guidance counselors are supposed to help you with your starting journey to college, but they have not even helped many of my peers, let alone me. Other than the guidance department Nelson County High School is a pretty great place to be.
My school is amazing at making everyone feel welcome. As a student it is very important to feel like you a part of something bigger, and Nelson definitely achieves that.
Nelson County High School offers many activities to do year round. They also focus on sports and physical activity. The school is not perfect but it could change some. I feel as if the teachers and the administration need to be more involved with the students. Honestly, as a senior, I am doing it all by myself and I think most of the senior class would agree. Unless you have a 4.0 GPA you are not the main focus. I have had a great time at this high school but i would like for things to change for the sake of the other students who will still be here next year.
Nelson County is a tight, rural community. It is small and everyone knows each other. After all it is the home of "John Boy" Walton.
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