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Throughout my time within the Nelson County School System, I had little to no issues. Nearly all of the teachers in the district are quality and add value to their students. During high school, I was heavily involved in FFA. This is something that is very strong within the Nelson County School System. Programs like these set students up for a successful future!
REALLY GOOD SCHOOL!!! prepares you for college readiness, teachers and administrators are willing to hep push students to excel in areas and help find colleges for them!
I went to St Joseph School for four years. The bullying is terrible. It put me in a bad place. When it was time for me to leave, I decided to go to Nelson County High School for high school. The academics are amazing and the students better. The only complaint I have is there are some fights that break out, but they are handled in a very timely and sophisticated manner. Overall, it is a great school.
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Thomas Nelson High School is a Awesome school. They really care about their students. They prepare the students to "take flight" within their career paths. They provide them with every tool possible to make that happen.
I love how even though Nelson County is one of the biggest counties in Kentucky that school system really feels like each part of the county is represented. I am very please with my experience with Nelson County School’s and have been in Nelson County School’s from kindergarten through eighth grade.
Other than some of the teachers, the school system was poor. Funding went towards useless "upgrades" we didn't need or use. For example, they put customized trashcans and flatscreen TVs in the hallways and cafeteria to post updates/ news for clubs instead of buying new textbooks or even a much needed new bell system in the high school. The cafeteria food was garbage and inedible most of the time. The only good thing about the schools were the teachers, although, after the introduction of the "bad kids" that used to be in a separate school building into the regular schools, several teachers have quit and gone to other school districts. This new program has led to teachers getting assaulted, weapons being brought to school, and officers to be forced to patrol the school buildings. I was so thankful to have graduated before this program affected the high school. I would not let my kids attend this school if I had any.
What I liked about Nelson County Public Schools was that they prepare all students to be College and or Career ready. For students that are struggling they hold classes that will help them in studies they are struggling in. Despite their low income they use their resources responsibly and often try to include students in participating to help the school. One thing they could work on is getting better teachers who are more dedicated to actually teaching and helping the students.
Overall, my experience as a student in the Nelson County School District is/was one to remember. Between unforgetable teachers and opportunities, I'm extremely confident in my education.
Elementary school programs are wonderful, but lack of funding arts, especially in high schools, hurt students. Current superintendent is horrible.
I attended Thomas Nelson High School and I absolutely loved it. The focus they have on academics and seeing their students succeed is astounding. I am proud to have graduated from there.
I love Nelson County, I have been attending school here for all four years and it has been awesome. The teachers are great and the classes are fun. I do wish there were more options for classes like a film appreciation class or something cool like that, but I understand. I also wish I were more informed about school opportunities and events. But I still enjoy my time at Nelson County and I think it is a great school. I really fell like the teachers care about the students and that they want what is best for us. That is what matters to me the most. Go NCHS!
I like how all of the teachers here care about us more than any of the students could realize. They try very hard to push us to be successful and to make something of our lives. They do a very good job of this, which is why I am going to college and going to make something of my life.
I would like to see an improvement in the general education of children who aren't particularly interested in learning or finding a career that suits their interests.
I like the school but there is a lot of room for improvement. Many areas that are in need of attention.
I enjoyed the fact that the community was small; less than 800 students attend my high school. The current environment is not a pleasant one because a lot of concerns are arising, causing spite. I don't want to see my school system fall apart.
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