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I enjoyed the vast amount of courses available, but I wish there were more college courses available to take there
Neenah high School has an amazing amount of opportunity for me. It allows me to pursue a great many things effectively, and prosper at whatever I put work into. The staff are there to help us, and we are there to prepare for after high school. It all works out nicely, neatly, and efficiently. I have zero complaints, other than that more than 90% of the school are white Christians.
The teachers truly care about the students. They try their best to make our academic and regular lives the best they. can be.
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This was a very flexible school that encouraged high level courses and gave me a credit to work while leaving school an hour early. It was an open lunch hour for upper classmen and the teachers and principals had my back to watch me succeed in the classroom and in my sports as well. Most of my homework was done on a chrome book that the school provided for me and helped me learn many things on my own not in just a regular paper format.
We have a large offering of advanced classes and course options, as well as great theatre and music programs.
In my experience, Neenah High School, and the district has a whole, has some amazing teachers. They really care about you and your experience, and if you put forth effort they will do everything they can to make sure you succeed. The academics at Neenah do a good job of preparing you for your future, whatever that may entail.
Neenah Joint School district offers a lot of new possibilities and includes a lot of students and parents involvement. I’ve been a part of this school district my entire life - I am now a sophomore in high school - so I am aware of its many flaws and successes. It is a very old school, which our administrators are working on, and has little to no diversity. Additionally, it offers many clubs and has excellent teachers; I have felt the love from other students and teachers alike. Overall, I would definitely recommend Neenah Joint School district because of its superior teachers and extra-curricular options.
Really good staff, school is really big and over 2,000 students. Guidance department is not as helpful and hard to get appointments. The music department is amazing and there is many choir/ orchestra/ band extracurriculars. There is two Showchoirs that are very successful. The Touch of Class Orchestra group is very advanced and went to China with Barrage. The sports are average, but Powerlifing is very successful.
Neenah high school is overall a pretty good school with great opportunities- if you are interested in the right things. Academically the school goes advanced in most areas, I find lacking in english. The school has more extra curriculars than I can remember or name. Most are sports related however, and that matches its budget. Neenah seems to only care about sports and not much else, cutting most arts (not drama or plays though) through clubs and classes. If you find what you enjoy early on you can take it all the way, but if you join too late the way its designed makes it to where its a loss and you cant get as advanced as one may like.
The Neenah school district is by far one of the most academically rich schools in the entire state of Wisconsin. Teachers are intelligent and rich with knowledge of their specific subject. Each teacher has their own unique personality and they all want to get to know you to enrich your experience in their classroom.
It's clear that the Neenah Joint school district cares about their student. In my experience at Neenah High School, there were many efforts made to improve the lives of students.
While my experience at Neenah High has been enlightening and fulfilling, I must also notice the less-than-stellar aspects. NHS has allowed me to create bonds with teachers and students, such as Mrs. Plankey who runs the school newspaper. She acknowledged my strong suits, encourages me, and gives me feedback to improve upon my work in the future.

However, NHS lacks secure protocol, which is dangerous in a time of so much school violence. For instance, one time a mysterious chim rang over the intercom and no one knew what to do. Thankfully, nothing was wrong.

Of course, NHS has a strong culture, even if it doesn’t honor kids from all walks of life. Sports are honored significantly and clubs are abundant (everything from show choir to Star Wars club to leadership groups).

All in all, my experience over the past few years has been average to above average.
Overall, I liked the staff and the community of the school district. One thing that needs to change is to use the available snow days when there is too much snow or if it is freezing cold.
I feel that Neenah Joint School District did a great job of preparing students for life. By installing career readiness grades, this allows those students who may not necessarily attend college their employers to see what kind of student they were in high school. This was still helpful for colleges when deciding if they wanted to admit a student or not. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed attending Neenah Joint School District. Compared with other students who I am friends with, I feel that I know more and I am more prepared for college!
At Neenah High School, they really care about your education. They want you to succeed in life and "Be A Champion".
Neenah has good crossing guards, sports, after school programs, and academic schedules. The lunch hour seems extremely rushed without enough time to even finish their food.
My overall experience with the Neenah Joint School District has been good. There was a few little hiccups within the system, but everything was adjusted and sorted out.
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The teachers are amazing but the administrative staff is very un-professional and only take themselves and anything but the problem at hand into account.
For someone who went to not. one but two of the elementary schools due to my family moving I can confidently say that this is a school district who works hard to make sure the student apart of it succeed.
My experience at Neenah Joint School District was overall good. I didn't learn much that would help me prepare for college and paying bills, etc.
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