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Overall the my years at Needville Independent School District was great. Some of the staff are helpful and others are not. There is a great importance on sports. There should be more information for college available and there should be more involvement for preparing for after high school. There should be updates to the school for the kids attending. A Microwave station for kids to be able to heat prepared meals, more charging stations for phones and laptops for computer work. More hands on training for those students who are not a pencil to paper pushing student. Overall compared to other schools the school is one of the best around.
Needville has a very strong academic track record, with a strong background in UIL academic competitions. The school district is very strongly based on college readiness, with emphasis on encouraging students to take advanced placement classes. This is one of the strongest benifits of the school, but might also be slightly changed by me. The school tended to push a little too much on the advanced placement classes. Many kids felt pressured to take a class they were not entirely prepared to take because of it. Overall the school was a great experience.
Starting high school as a blue jay, I was worried. I was the new kid and wasn't sure how I would fit in. I was scared about the rules and how strict it was, when it turned out to be the best place to be. I love Needville and hands down it has taught me a variety of life lessons. The faculty, Staff, & students were all polite and welcoming and I felt right at home. I always feel safe with all the teachers making sure everything is perfect with our drills as well. I enjoy the 1 on 1 teaching as well. It is a small school so teachers can focus on each student to help them. My parents are so proud to have put me in such a great school! They believe that it has me set up perfectly for college, as well as my college adviser. All time the best school and would not want to go anywhere else.
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I think the school and the administration are doing very well. The administration supports the students in all of their endeavors. The teachers push the students to improve and become strong young adults. The school has a variety of opportunities for the students to be active in the school including extra-curricular activities. The administration supports the students in being well rounded young individuals and assist them in looking for new and improved ideas for the school and teachers working with the young people. For being a smaller school, they thrive on showing off their students and helping them to success in their academics and their future as young adults.
This district works to stay up to date and keep up with all the students and their journey to graduating. The schools are all good but can make minor adjustments to make ratings higher and people happier. There are many teachers that could use extra trainings and new information to help academic percentages to increase. The programs offered to students need to stay in effect, Kids and Cops, anti bullying. There should be more focus on colleges and how it works, the major differences and how to handle expenses because this is a huge part of a students life.
As a senior at Needville High School, I have been a student in this district for 13 years now, and I have never regretted a moment. Throughout my years at the different campuses, I have discovered the great determination and raw love of teaching that all of the teachers clearly have. NISD has given me an excellent education and so many opportunities that I would not have been a part of if it wasn’t for my school. Needville is always working towards the betterment of its students by giving each and every one the opportunity to be involved in the community through clubs at the school. I am so grateful to have spent my school years at NISD and I will continue to use my knowledge as I further my education in college.
I enjoy the small town feel of Needville High School. They hold their students to a high standard. The only downside is their strict dress code. I wish this could be more lax. The teachers are excellent and most are willing to go above and beyond to help their students. Coaches are the best!!
My experience at Needville has been an unforgettable one, I love how the community comes together for better or worse.
Everyone is super friendly, and teachers really want to help the students achieve excellence. Sports are very popular, and there always is a home crowd to support you playing. There is so many clubs to join on campus, and so many cool class to try.
My experience with Needville school district was great helping me strive in academics and good character. The best thing that I like about the district is the rules and effort put forth towards education. There's nothing that the district should change everything is perfect the way it is.
I grew up in Needville and loved it. School can be somewhat strict but it is by far the best school education wise around. Far better off going there than anywhere in Rosenberg.
Outstanding community support. Great teachers. Supportive for UIL activities. Support for student activities.

Athletic programs and coaching are lacking.
If your kid has ANY learning problems avoid the school!! Two of my kids had been tested for and one had a year of assistance at our previous school and Needville rejected the testing. They then forged new test scores to indicate my son was not dyslexic. After 1.5 years of fighting them and a third evaluation that proved he indeed had it and their scores were impossible and telling them I was going to report them to the state they gave him his assistance. Apparently the school hadn't had a dyslexia program - no idea how that's even possible. They removed him from speech too but he had such excellent help in the previous school he is doing okay in that area now. Unfortunately due to them, even with 4 hours of studying per day, my son absolutely failed and had to be held behind and almost gave up completely. With assistance he has mad some progress but it shouldn't have taken him failing and a third evaluation.
The academics are the best that I've experienced in that they teach well and the material is challenging. However, the agriculture department is a joke academically in that they focus primarily on FFA and the outside-of-school activities while ignoring their classroom duties. There is little to no diversity, and the atmosphere is fairly conservative. They are strict upon rules and are organized very well. I've been disappointed by the attitudes of specific administrators, however the administrative department as a whole gets their job done. Overall, despite my criticism, the school is great and I would most definitely choose Needville over any surrounding schools.
My high school experience at Needville ISD has been amazing. As I am a senior graduating in May 2017, I can say that I have truly had a blast attending Needville. The culture, traditions, and small town living as made me become the person I am today. Going to football games, attending pep rallies, and dressing up like we are idiots on theme days are some of the many memories I will take away from this great school.
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