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My kids went through Needham HS and had a fabulous experience. Teachers are so helpful and open. My kids did superbly on their APs, and both are attending or graduated from the Ivies. Best decision to send my kids to Needham HS rather than a private school.
It has amazing academics. I'm a student there and I'm so grateful that I have access to this school. It lacks in diversity, because we live in the white suburbs of Boston, but it has the METCO program which brings in kids from Boston to the school district. We also have very diverse student body in terms of religion and ethnicity, which contributes to the culture. The clubs and activities are fantastic, there are at least 3 dozen clubs and there are a ton of sports teams too. I think we have pretty good resources, there are numerous counselors, access to extra time with teachers, free tutoring, test prep courses, etc. I know that no matter where I go, Needham has prepared me for college.
Have two kids who currently attend highly ranked LACs. Their teachers prepared them extremely well to handle the work load demanded by these colleges. Many who attend these colleges came from elite private schools (costing $50k a year)and I would put Needham high school right up there with them. Needham schools have a lot of support from the community. Sports are well regarded in the state, extra curricular activities come by the dozens and the student body respects one another. The one aspect of the school my kids did not care for was the over reaching and banality of the administration to placate to the 0.10% of the students. A great place to graduate from!
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Good school, good teachers, definitely prepares students for college. There isn’t a whole lot of school spirit, but the sports are good and has a decent fanbase.
The education is very competitive and the student body cares a great deal about education. Most teachers are well informed on their subject and love to teach. A great deal of electives are offered in high school allowing students to explore and find new passions. There are some absolutely wonderful teachers who work in our school system. The facilities are generally nice as well.
The culture around education is quite toxic as students pit themselves against each other instead of working together. Teachers don't usually notice issues with students leaving other students responsible for alerting guidance if someone is struggling. Like at most high schools, the student government has no power whatsoever and students have no say in what administration does. There is an oddly specific focus on WWII. Every year we spend months on it even though we have done so since 3rd grade.
It’s an okay education system. Improvements could be made. There are some amazing teachers at Needham though.
I really enjoy the classes and my peers and I think the school does a nice job of connecting the community.
My school district is very welcoming. All people are welcome and feel like part of the community regardless of personal identity.
My experience at Needham High School was overall a good experience. I was able to strengthen my passions and work ethic through school clubs and excellent classroom culture. I was often encouraged to try new things such as sports and clubs. By joining various activities I was able to connect to the greater community. Needham High School gave me great opportunities that allowed me to build leadership skills, greater communication, and strong work ethic. The school culture is very competitive but this challenged me in great ways to be able to work efficiently.
Overall Needham high-school has been a great experience. I have a great environment when I can challenge myself to do better that I have before and many opportunities to take higher course loads and participate in clubs. My negative experience though in school are the learning centers. I have dyslexia and for most years of school I was grouped with all disability groups and treated as if I where incompetent even though I have learning disability, not social. Fought hard and switched to a different academic skills center that finally gave me help and I am better off now. I also wish teachers would quit underestimating my potent in school, because every-time I moved up a course level I was vary successful And this fact contradicts my critics beliefs. Otherwise the teachers can also be great supports; they are great with staying after school and being there to help out.
Needham high school is a Really good school! amazing academics and sports/clubs, I feel like I got a really good education. also a really strong school community. I also had good experiences at Mitchell elementary school, high rock middle school, and pollard middle school.
The teachers have encouraged and challenged me. They have my back. I know I can ask or advocate for myself and they respond, they actually listen. I couldn’t be more happy with my Highschool education. You hear horror stories, but Needham has given me a stable educational foundation. I am humbled and very grateful.
The truth about Needham. This School District sweeps everything under the rug. "There are no problems here". Okay, continue to drink the kool-aid folks. You will get no where with the administration, staff, or teachers as they all are on auto pilot creating and protecting their image and waiting for retirement. As one of the highest paid group of educators in the State, therefore the country, no one goes the extra mile, everyone is cookie cut, and one size fits all. Have you heard of Wonder Bread? That's this School substance, no taste, no excitement, no diversity. They require/demand your kids be robotic. Its a crime if they think outside the box, or have their own will, likes, or desires. Oh boy if you're kid is creative. There's no place for them here. If you move to Needham consider private schooling. If not, just be prepared to keep your eyes, ears, and mouths shut.
The school environment of all three levels of school at Needham were great. The teachers and administration does a great job of laying a foundation of support in the Elementary levels. At middle school, there is an emphasis of integration, friendship, and being unique by the teachers which trickles down to the students. In high school, there are endless resources and clubs that a student can feel connected to.
They have a fantastic system to teach students. The teachers are well educated, respectful, and understanding. The food is well prepared throughout each school. The average SAT scores are extremely high with plenty of students heading to selective and competitive universities.
Really good. I think we deserve no. 1 in education, the teachers are the best, kids are friendly and inclusive, and although we don't have much diversity, I like to think that we are accepting and amiable but we do have a rivalry with Wellsley sooo... everyone hates Wellsley (boos and hisses when mentioned lol)
Over this school has everything for a student to thrive in academic and sports fields. Yet I went through this school as a minority and with that being said the administration welcomed me arms wide open but my peers not so much. ( not to be completely heinous)
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The Needham Public Schools system is a really good system; however? With the high cost of living in the state or Massachusetts and in Needham there is no diversity in the school system. You will be challenged in the system; however, the lack of diversity creates an even greater challenge. My social life in this district was horrible! Kids can be mean! My academic life was challenging and also rewarding at times.
Very big on advocating for cultural proficiency. School needs to offer more support for students during the college process ie helping find scholarships, helping with application etc.
Most of the staff at the NHS is very considerate and understanding towards students. The school community could handle some situations better; prepare their staff and faculty for situations more effectively.
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