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The teachers are the best part of my school. They want to make sure you are successful. We have plenty of extracurricular activities for everyone to get involved. I am glad to call Nederland my school
What I like about my school is the students' school spirit. At every pep rally and sports game, the students will always show their support for their fellow classmates. Every student gets on their feet for the football players during pep rallies and football games. Especially in sports, many students take off work and invite their friends to watch and encourage the team during all the sport events. The students will never fail when it comes to supporting their home turf.
Nederland High School provides a great array of classes to choose fromthat increase from freshmen to Senior year. NHS also offers many opportunities such as HOSA, welding class, and the culinary department that allows you to get wonderful hands-on experience for future jobs. Another benefit of NHS is the safety the school includes. Each door and gate around the school is equipped with a mechanism that allows students and faculty to maneuver between building in between bells. The negative side of NHS is the few amount of teachers that seem to not care about educating students. Thankfully, none of my teachers have fit this description, but many acquaintances of mine have told me about teachers without lessons plans and teach whenever they feel appropriate. This worries me because my friends are not receiving the same kind of education I am getting, and I worry this may negatively affect them as they proceed into furthering their education.
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Nederland has helped me thrive where other schools have failed to do so. I am proud to go to such a great school with such great teachers
I like some teachers, they teach well and have good techniques. I would like to see the food change, dress code, phone policies, and lunch times. Otherwise, everything else is not too bad.
I think it’s just a very plain school. The school buildings are very plain and there is nothing special about them. We do have a good sports program though, but I think we should channel some of that greatness into academics.
My experience at Nederland High School has been challenging, however, I mean the word in the best of context. High school of course is stressful and with Nederland’s highly commendable academics, my classes were nothing short of tedious. Although I do wish sometimes that my schoolwork wasn’t as harsh I leave every year feeling more and more accomplished with the work I completed and better prepared for my future. Nederland high school has been to me though, an amazing experience because of the educators and classroom environment. In NHS, every student is a unique individual,not a name on an attendance sheet, and with that our staff makes it a point to make healthy student-teacher relationships, allowing the classroom to be a much more comforting and productive place to learn. There is a place for everyone in NHS and a group of supporters with open arms to greet and guide you no matter what path you choose to take.
Nederland is full of pride and tradition. You feel like a part of a huge family at Nederland. Being a Bulldog is truly a life long honor. Even those who move away for college and/ careers are always life long Bulldogs at heart. We all bleed black and gold. I've never seen another community with as many t-shirts and spirit items! Whether you're an athlete, a cheerleader, a westernaire, a twirler, a coach, a teacher, a band member, a singer in Ned and Co., an administrator, or just a member of the community, you always have a kindred spirit nearby. I feel truly blessed to have been raised in this community. I will always "bleed black and gold."
Nederland has gave me many opportunities and I am thankful for that. It is a very spirited school and I will miss it when I am gone. The teachers have taught me a lot and have allowed me to become to smart, young girl I am today.
Go Dogs! I love my schools and will be sad to no longer be a NHS bulldog. Most of our teachers are great and there is minimal violence.
I’ve been here since the second semester of my sophomore year. I’ve enjoyed my classes and my teachers and the way they teach.
I am an Alum and a parent, and have been involved with this district for years. For a town this size to have such a successful program in both academic and extracurricular areas has always amazed me. I would live here again.
Nederland I.S.D. has many opportunities and pushes their students to to constantly improved. There are many teachers that have tutoring sessions for all subjects. There is also a vast variety of clubs and organizations to join for each interest. Nederland also excels in many sports winning many championships.The school is also diverse with an even blend of mixed races.
i had a blast at NHS because its a small town and you know everyone here. everyone is so close and always have that one friend to fall back on. i am going to miss the traditions that nederland has. Mid-county madness is something i will for sure miss because this past year i was the mascot for nederland and being part of the biggest rivalry in texas was a great time to be alive for. College football atmosphere. Being able to represent Nederland as the mascot was a blast what a great it was. I had people who i don't even know and say that i was one of the best mascots they have every seen.
My experience with Nederland Independent School District has been good. I am currently attending Nederland High School as a senior. My experience with Nederland High School has been good because it has taught to me to try really hard, and it has taught me to be an over achiever.
I would like to see Nederland improve many things throughout the school district. Education is important and I believe that it is slowly deteriorating as the years go by.
Nederland has a great education system, the classes are very challenging giving the mind a good push. The dress code can be less strict than it is now, other wise everything else is excellent.
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At Nederland High School, school pride and athletics flourish. There is a wide and ever growing array of academic courses to take that fits with almost every student's future career path. However, I would say that personal expression is somewhat thwarted through school censorship of the newspaper, yearbook, and dress code.
It's been amazing from my day of kindergarten to my freshman year now. Nederland has amazing teachers, and a lot of unique students that are taken care of with the staff and amazing coaches.
It's an okay school. Some of the teachers aren't that great and they have a dress code which is lame.... But overall it's pretty okay
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