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Nebo School district is a great place to be. It is a safe environment to be in filled with good students and teachers.
I like that the nebo school district is a very enjoyable district and I feel safe here. I know there are always going to be things I can be a part of and I know I can find awesome people here. Most teachers are always available to help me with grades and assignments. I am so proud to be graduating from the nebo school district and be apart of the Salem Hills Skyhawks!
I love Nebo School District. I has been a really fun experience. I have had a lot of great teachers while in this district and the programs with it, such as sis, are easy to work. I can't really think of anything that I would want to change about it!
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In all my years of schooling, I was in public school through Nebo School District. I enjoyed my school experience with all the opprotunites and moments I had. I was happy to take part in the new updates or changes that took place. Overall it was a great district to do my schooling.
The administration is always very approachable. They have a lot of academic options. The teachers are always really good. At the district level, they really want to make Nebo a great district.
Its a great district that cares about its students. Everyone works hard to make great learning environments all the teachers seem to really care about the students as individuals.
Nebo School District functions well enough. however many of their policies are outdated and ineffective. It also seems they are slow to change when change is needed.
Nebo school district is a great district and puts the students first. There are many opportunities to get involved and there is support is athletics and academics.
Nebo school district, is overall a great district they hire wonderful teachers, teachers who understand our needs, they know how to prepare us for our future getting us ready for a bumpy road that life will lead.
I love, the school spirit we all have! Being a Spanish fork don, is the best. the thing that needs change is remodeling, but it is being done in a couple years! I would love ot see more diversity as well.
I have really enjoyed being in nebo school district. They have have amazing staff, and teachers they care about not only how you do in school but about your wellbeing. The students are kind and are a active bunch in dances, games, and other activities. There are many clubs in which you can get involved in and have a great time. They also serve many great programs in this district, they try there best in teaching and helping you understand the topic and preparing you for the future to come.
I think they care about education for the students but they don't have all the educational offerings I would have liked.
I really enjoy going to the school I am apart of. I love the teachers and they are always there to help you with your grade or even a non-school related issue. There are plenty of awesome people who have become my closest friends. There are tons of classes that are fun and interesting and they help you focus on your future career.
It has been fine, but our building is pretty worn down and I don't feel like I am getting the best education possible.
Nebo School District is a great school district. They provide lots of help if you need it. They treat everyone very well. It is an amazing school district.
Nebo schools are extremely expensive for public schools. Education is subpar at best because of the constant standardized tests. The school lunch is pricy and disgusting. Parking is terrible and time consuming. We learn nothing that will prepare us for college or life as an adult. There are multiple teen pregnancies due to the emphasis of abstinence in health rather than safe sex. Overall dislike this district.
Being a new student this year, I'd say everyone was very welcome to be. This includes the teachers, staff, and students. I had a rocky start, but then adjusted well to everything.
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I love the teachers that teach at Nebo School district. The staff is always willing to help and always say hi to you in the halls. They are overall great and happy people.
Nebo School District is a great community of all the school around Utah. I enjoy being part of the Nebo School District. The have jumped around school in this district and they are always the same, very kind and helpful.
Nebo school district is overall pretty nice. They have lots of great opportunities for getting college credit from the Advanced Learning Center they built to all the AP classes they provide. Some of the schools however are ghetto now though. It would also be nice if they made the summer break a bit shorter to add more days to the christmas break.
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