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Neah-Kah-Nie School District Reviews

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I love this school district for its following qualities,it is a small community school, being academically strong. The only thing I do not like is the lack of diversity causes students to be a little prejudice.
I enjoy the tight-knit community that Neah-Kah-Nie High School encompasses. Everyone knows everyone else, and it is a friendly and involved school.
I liked the small town feel and friendliness at Neah-Kah-Nie. However, the lack of population made the diversity extremely limited and the sports programs lacking to say the least. On the plus side there is very little bullying in this school and the teachers and staff seem to care for the students. Students can get a good education by putting forth the extra effort for one-on-one time with teachers since the ratio of students to teachers is small.
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Here at Neah Kah Nie there are a lot of teachers who like to see students pass. Sometimes when teachers have this mindset they would do anything to help students pass. Even if it means treating them like middle schoolers and letting them pass classes they really do not deserve. I have been to many schools and I love how much some of the teachers really do care about their students but I think that the teachers are getting used by students who could honestly care less about school, grades, or even their future. The school should focus more on helping students who want to get ahead in life and make a name for themselves instead of just worrying about the students who already have their lives figured out and are not going to change their ways no matter what.
I love attending this school! The teachers here are very nice and understanding, and very helpful for when you have questions for assignments, tests, and projects. The students are hard to get along with but you get use to it after a bit.
I like the small school dynamic, however due to the remoteness of the area, the teachers aren't very great at what they are doing. With that said though, everyone is friendly and I enjoy it.
Neah-kah-nie School District manages the Middle and high school pretty well. What I would change is the lunch and the teaching that some teachers provide which most students can't necessarily follow.
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