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I graduated from Nazareth in 2016 and am greatful for everything I gained from my high school education. Nazareth is a great public school that is safe, clean, and excellent at fostering students’ talents and academic abilities. The AP teachers are especially talented at preparing students for the exam and college courses. The student body is overall welcoming and tolerant of others but could stand to be more diverse. The music and theater programs are impressive and students involved in them often receive Freddy awards and other achievements.
As a current high school junior, I would like to applaud the Nazareth Area High School staff for their overwhelming sense of commitment and dedication to helping their students succeed. Mr. Alan Davis, school principal, is an excellent leader and is widely recognized for his devotion to the arts, sports, academics, and any other collegiate organization under the sun. He is open to new ideas brought on by both students and other staff members. Additionally, he is a proud supporter and attends almost every single event that recognizes a Nazareth student. The high school staff prepares their students well for the challenges of college and beyond. Students are encouraged to speak to their teachers whenever doubtful and are provided a VAST array of various courses and clubs that they can choose from. I would most definitely recommend the Nazareth Area School District to any prospective student due to their safety precautions, methods of implementing rules, and encouraging actions.
I lived in the Nazareth area for about 10 years, and the school is amazing at studies and has great teachers. The school district has improved academics and diversity in recent years.
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i have been in the school district since kindergarten and have had a good experience with everyone, the classes are not to hard at a college prep level compared to the other schools in the area. The only improvement i would recommend is offering more help to students who are struggling with classes instead of just dropping them to a lower level class, some minor improvements to the campus such as bathrooms some are very out dated and have been graffiti with carvings, and the last improvement i would recommend is a better system to deal with bullying and offer more support to those who are affected by it. Overall Nazareth is one of the better school in the area, it is not too crowded with class sizes being between 15 and 20 in most cases.
Provides the best opportunities for the students and for the community itself. Teachers and staff in the Nazareth Area School District provide the help their students need to strive and achieve their goals.
Over all, I have had a very positive experience attending Nazareth Area High School. The thing I love most is the wide range of academics that are offered. There are tons of AP classes available, but there are also many Honors classes if you want more of a challenge but not quite an AP.
Nazareth Area School District is a very good public school with excellent staff and educational opportunities.
Nazareth is generally good, but more money is put into sports than academics, which can be discouraging.
This school provides an amazing learning environment for all kids. The teachers and supporting staff truly care about the students. They help you become college ready by assisting you with not just the academics but also by building the self esteme to make you achieve your dreams. I am lucky that I was able to attend such a great school.
Overall, the Nazareth Area School District is a very good district to attend. The Middle School and High School are both amazing schools that allow their students to learn efficiently and safely every day with the help of incredible teachers and staff. The faculty is always there when you need them the most and are willing to help you will just about anything. It would be nice to see a more open and accepting environment with certain things and issues, but I believe as time passes, this will change in a positive way.
Nice school, and overall there were some good factors, but the Middle School truly did not provide any support towards becoming a High School student, and most importantly did not prepare students for Honors or AP classes (which I am taking). The rude awakening of High School was much worse than presumed due to the lack of study methods and learning experiences at the Middle School. For the teachers, some were wonderful, yet some were horrendous, and most definetely targeted struggling students. In an overall review, nice modern/newer school physically, but something’s were major drawbacks in the preparation for High School.
The faculty at Nazareth Area High School were fantastic. Almost every teacher I had was very passionate about what they were teaching, and was always willing to help me when I didn't understand something. The AP courses offered at Nazareth area high school are also something to praise. There are so many AP courses to chose from and the instructors of each course do an excellent job in preparing you for the AP exam. All in all I had a great experience at Nazareth.
Great school but a lack of diversity. Majority of students are from the upper middle class which makes it harder on the lower class kids to fit in.
Nazareth is in a small town. The education is rated very well in the area. Options are honors AP Dual enrollment to help with college search.
The sports are not to bad for a smaller school. The school has diversity even though it is a smaller HS. The teachers are very enthusiastic. The admin. is great also. I only wished that the school was more up to date on smart boards , etc. We def. need a newer school, but this one is not too bad. The middle school is the best.
Excellent school. They encourage you to do your best and prepare you for college. Teachers are good.
This school was a great place to receive my education. The counselors were extremely helpful with me and were sensitive to my needs as a student. My IEP counselor was wonderful and was able to get the accommodations I needed to succeed in school. Highly recommend!
NASD did an incredible job preparing students for college. Most of my peers felt more than ready to take on college expectations and we're able to handle the transition well.
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I love the overall atmosphere of Nazareth Area School District. I have had some amazing teachers over the years. The education you will get at NASD is top-notch. The only thing I would change is that they take parents and student's ideas into consideration more. Overall, this school district has a lot to offer to anyone, whether its the arts, sports, theatre, music or academics.
I liked that most people were very enthusiastic towards their education, and took chances at achieving the best they could possibly do while enrolled in school.
I was bullied and was treated unfairly because of my race at this school. The administration did nothing and I had to handle this on my own. I pray for any kid that has to go to this school. My best advice is to get your education and make it out on top. Don't worry about people, worry about your future.
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