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Naylor R-II School District Reviews

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I like that Naylor R-2 is a small school and most of the teachers care about the students. The grades are like family.
My favorite thing about Naylor High School is that they tend to not have a lot of bullying that happens, but if there is someone that is bullied they take care of it immediately.
Naylor is an okay school. I've been going there my whole life. Elementary was really good. I loved all my teachers I had. High school is okay though. We don't have very many clubs so I can't really spread my wings and do new things. As the years go by there have been less and less school trips. The clubs we do have are not very engaged and some students really don't take part in it. Overall the school isn't bad but I know other schools that are way better.
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I love how the school is small and everyone knows everyone, but they're not well funded because of their size and so don't have the facilities a larger school would. There are about 120 kids in the high school(7-12), so they are very small but I like that.
A small school that brings out the best in students. Classes are small so each student gets the most attention possible to make them successful.
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