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Navasota Independent School District Reviews

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I enjoy the small school and being able to get to know my schools' staff and the whole student body.
Navasota Independent School District cares more about sports really. A lot of students have success in academics but aren't recognized as much as the athletes.
My experience at Navasota High School was great. The smaller atmosphere really helps you focus and concentrate more. If there was something I could change it would be more punishments . I know it is weird but sometimes I feel like it was too much playing around.
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I liked the athletic program it was great and probably one of the best that I know of. I would recommended this to any student who attends Navasota.
Prepared me for college. Have wonderful resources for the students. NISD has a great number of students graduating and enrolling into college. once a rattler always a rattler.
At Navasota High School I honestly believe that they need better administration. In my four years of attendance I can also say that the treating of staff and students needs to improve.
Overall good school, just wish people actually cared about the school and it students. Never really cleaned anything, always smelled weird. Teachers had a give up attitude in students who didn't want to be there.
Navasota Independent School District is one of the better small town school districts that I have ever known. I am just fixing to graduate from Navasota High School and I am better prepared to go into the real-world with lots of knowledge to help me along the way. I believe one minor thing should change, the school district should listen to the opinions of the students attending the schools to see what would help them attain knowledge easier and to make learning fun.
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