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Navarro is an example of a school that many underestimate throughout Texas. For school in our area, we are considered one of the brightest student around, most of us ready to take on challenging curriculum that is thrown our way. After school programs are very populated among average sizes in Texas, with a majority of students dedicated to their programs. While their food and college readiness could use a little work in some area, they are minuscule compared to what Navarro has to offer. They really deserve the motto "excellence is standard"
I have been at Navarro since Kindergarten. Countless times I have heard teachers complain about the lack of funding for in class resources such as text books and computers, but each year we expand our football stands to seat more people and make a new concession stand.
Navarro is a good old boy school. They would rather but a fake face on them admit they have problems.
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Good cuture - great sports. School needs updating and is growing so very crowded. Teachers are great and care about the students and community support is amazing.
Going to such a small, and close school I could never imagine going anywhere else. Every teacher is treated with respect and we treat others to the best of our ability. Throughout high school I don't think I have even seen one fight. I love that I know everyone in my grade by name, but drama does fly around here.
I liked that my school was small and everyone knew everyone. I also liked that my parents were teachers there so I knew a lot of the teachers. I didn't like that everyone knew everyone. It can be good and bad.
I have attended Navarro ISD since I was in kindergarten, now i am about to be a senior and i still love going to school there. The pride everyone has is amazing at Navarro. I have never been to another school with as much school spirit as ours has. The teachers are friendly and actually care if you are learning the material. All of the faculty cares for your well being and everyone is there for you if you need help.
At Navarro, I have had the ability to be apart of a school that is quickly growing academically and sports wise. The classes are enjoyable and have challenge, but due to the nature of a small school the classes are quite limited. We have very few career field endorsements, and the teachers, for the most part, are young and inexperienced. I rate Navarro three stars because it is safe, but has a deficit in it's course options.
Navarro Independent School District is a small district with large opportunity. The school is situated between three cities and the students and teachers come from a variety of backgrounds. The small size doesn't mean small community. The school is very active in the community and the community is very active with the school. The school is small enough that you'll get to know everybody. There are less options for AP, dual credit, and elective courses, but the classes offered are great to prepare the students for the real world and prepare them for college. The extracurriculars give students opportunities to explore their interests and opportunities to earn scholarships. Overall, I really enjoy the school and would gladly do it all over again.
This is a great school district. I've attended school since the third grade in this district, and the high school has been great too. There are ups and downs with an occasional teacher being grouchy, but never anything serious. The principals are very open to talk and enjoy a joke now and then. Not to mention Hawaiian shirt Wednesdays. I have been very happy to attend this school and would recommend it to anyone moving in the area. I moved from another state and comparing the two well there is no comparison Navarro is great and the staff seem to be happy too. I'm not sure what else to say about this district other then I'm glad my mom and dad chose it instead of the many other school choices that they had.
I graduated from this facility, and I came out ok. I had some amazing teachers and I was able to explore a lot of my talents from what was offered. The problem was that there was not enough funding or resources available to the students. Our classes were limited as well as the activities that we were in. Of course we made it work, but compared to other schools of similar size, I found out later on that we were truly falling behind.
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