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I have gone to Navajo from Pre-K to my senior year this year. I have to say that this school has been like a second home to me and the people have been like my family. One problem that has been occurring lately is dress code. Dress code at our school is very strict and I feel like you can not wear any article of clothing that shows the littlest bit of skin or else you will be reprimanded and asked to change, call your parents to bring you clothes, or go home. We also switched food companies the last year and the food is not as good as our previous company, take that from someone who has eaten the same school food from Pre-K. The great thing about this school is that everyone knows everyone. It’s great to make friends and family.
My three children going in to Navajo PS. We get suggestion from the Altus AFB and this school get high expectation! My oldest boy in 12th grade, he learning from 2013 and really love his experience in this school! Excellent teachers personal- very professional! We’re children had all needed classes: computer, science, history, art,music, math, algebra, chemistry, inglish, sport, etc... NPS has a new gym, old gym, laboratory, library, cafeteria...
Family atmosphere teachers as a students very nice and ready to help as needed... My two small children going to Pre-K and Kindergatner . They really Love their teachers, assistants and classmates so much! Very nice class equipment, they had nap time at school! Lunch and snack time really nice!
I realized Navajo Public School doesn’t has bulling, stealing and crime issues -never!
Classes small groups 17-18 children at class!
I and my kids very exited with this choose! Navajo Public School- exelent school!
Its not bad. But its so small that there are less academic opportunities and I just wish for that AP class that would raise my GPA a little
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I enjoyed the family like feeling in the school, but it is too small for many options. Many teachers are overworked and doing to many things. There is only one high school counselor so it is hard for her to do everything. She is physically unable to meet every students' needs, but she does her best.
My kids travel 45 minutes a day to get to Navajo! Best school around in my opinion! Lots of extracurricular options. I feel that Navajo has their students prepared for college as best as they could be.
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